Monday, January 04, 2016


Chong Zhemin resolutes to condemn the government’s action uplifted to many and once again brought to daylight by PAS’s Dr Zuhdi. He claimed that Guan Eng’s former special officer, Mohamed Razali Abd Rahman had revealed that such cooperation between DAP and Israel eixted since 4 years ago and was meant to capture Putrajaya in the last general election.

Dr Zuhdi’s disclosure has brought most writers and bloggers to dig the 2013 confession by Razali even Chief Perak DAP and Chong Zhemin has stated their apologies due to Malaysians sensitivities after heavy crticism from netizens.

That wasn’t the actual excuses from DAP instead they were trying to hamper us to recall Razali’s 2013 confession.

What are the 3 indictments summoned by Razali ... Find out at

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