Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Lim Guan Eng has made it crystal clear that DAP will harbour malay candidates in any potential winning seats in Selangor for the coming general election. With such statement, Guan Eng is acknowledging the Malay tsunami to take place and what his father has hinted earlier to pinch the anti-Najib UMNO members, is close to reality.

Without doubt, DAP has also included to challenge PAS seats in Selangor but has certainly confused their brainchild Amanah. Guan Eng could cover-up and reason out to convince his malay supporters but in between the lines, this is also a clear show of DAP’s no confidence in malay support for party Amanah.

Why the need to contest in PAS seats when your Pakatan Harapan has replaced Amanah for PAS? Hasn’t Mat Sabu outreached enough the rural seats that PAS has won?

To make their Malay Tsunami a reality... how about in their coming central executive committee elections, DAP appoint a Malay as their powerful secretary-general position to replace Guan Eng?

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