Thursday, January 14, 2016


When the Minister in the Prime Minister, Dato Wahid Omar agreed to attend the TPPA Summit 2016 in Shah Alam on Saturday, this means that his presence was not just to listen but he is the best person to answer all about the TPP agreement for the session. But unfortunately, he was denied to even ask questions and what more to speak.

Finally, the summit turned out to be the blind leading the blind further.

As such when the minister were denied to explain, we can assume that there were no question and answer session allowed from the floor but rethorical lecture where you can find their notes all over the internet. Hence when Dato Wahid said that the panellists given a very inaccurate explanations, we knew that these panellists have so much to assume rather than based their lectures on knowledge and facts.

Unless we wish to allow the blind to guide us, we may loose such golden opportunities in foreign markets among the Trans-Pacific pact members which directly would benefit the people and economy and the sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity when it will only comes once.

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