Monday, November 29, 2010


Just follow these steps:

Just type the word 'beruk' in Google search engine

Just wait a second...

Theres 363,000 search results...

Keep strolling....

Keep strolling....

Keep strolling....

Walla... highest rank shows:

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Thank you Google.... such an honorable recognition globally

Previously, I wrote this.... HERE
perhaps Google tagged the word

"KELING" mana serupa beruk hitam ni?
Ituke Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia?
Tambi Khairy a/l Tambi Jamluddin rupanya...

How about this infamous 'beruk' try answer these few questions by blogger BigDog :
  • What does Khairy do for a living?
  • Is he a businessman, business owner, business developer, “mister fixer” or plain commission agent?
  • If he is any of these, what business is he involved?

Deep Tots : Aint you proud to have a 'beruk' as your chief? ROTFLOL

Monday, November 22, 2010


He said :
Let May 13 be boldly imprinted in the Malaysian memory and consciousness as a stark warning to Malaysians of the madness and cost of racialism. Otherwise, May 13 will soon be relegated to the footnotes of history, completely overshadowed by even greater racial holocausts which, in comparison, the May 13 events were no more than child’s play.

So folks think hard why that Ah Beng reject from Melaka becomes so jumpy with 13 May .. u can read HERE

Thursday, November 18, 2010


DAP-Pakatan Cirque de Folly :

  • On 14th November 2010, situated at Penang Chinese Girls School Alumni Hall, a circus...oops I mean an election was held to appoint 5 MPPP and MPSP to serve as councillor. Good huh? Hhhmm what is the catch?
  • The catch - this election is just a circus...ooops I mean just a mock election. I would have higher probability of looking 20 years younger than any of the "victors" get elected as Councillors. lol
  • Now, before we move on let us look at the motivation of this "circus" One of the many broken promises made by DAP-Pakatan in Penang prior to GE 12 was that if they were elected to power, they will implement local city election. See below :

DAP 2008 General Election Manifesto

Of course, the beauty of being in the opposition is that you can make all kinds of empty promises (read: LIES) and do not need to be worry about accountability. When GE 12 was over, Penang was ruled by DAP-Pakatan. Even during the first few month, Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister which was unilaterally appointed by Lim Kit Siang...errr I meant to say...democratically elected as Chief Minister by DAP, tried to spin his way out of his promises prior to GE 12.

As times past by, many of the liberals and socialist NGOs in Penang who supported DAP in GE12 were horrified that Guan Eng has not make an effort to keep to his promise to have a local city election. For 2 and half years, DAP did not give a damn about the grumbling from the liberals and socialist camps. For DAP, it is more worthwhile moving Chinese voters all over Penang so that there will be no more Malay majority area than entertaining the text book geek.

Of late, rumours coming from the DAP-Pakatan camp suggest that GE will be held in a couple of months time. Of course this is complete rubbish but if DAP-Pakatan wants to believe it, who cares? Believing that GE 13 is coming soon, DAP needed a way to attract back the disillusioned voters and supporters in Penang. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to come out with a mock local election instead of a real one.

10. The position of councillors is a very useful political tool. LGE is not a Penangnite. Just like Zaid Ibrahim, he is a loser who got beaten in his hometown of Malacca in his party election. With the help of Big Papa, he managed to overstep many DAP warlords in Penang and became chief minister. In order to calm down the warlords, many of them (or their families) were rewarded with position of councillors. So much for accountability and transparency huh?

Judging from the people who attended, the funding and the organization of the event, one can almost say that this was like having a DAP party election. Just like its sister party, PKR, DAP pride itself as a true multi-cultural political party. In many ways, PKR is very much like DAP. Take for example the PKR party election which are being held at the moment. It is almost certain who will be at the helm of PKR :

De facto leader : Anwar Ibrahim (Husband) - No such position in the constitution!?

President : Wan Azizah (Wife) - Figurehead + Impotent

DP : Azmin Ali - 2nd Boss

VP : Nurul Izzah (Child)

AMK : Shamsul Iskandar

KW : Zuraida Kamaruddin

Now let us look at DAP :

De facto leader: Lim Kit Siang (Father) - No such position in the constitution!?

Chairman : Karpal Singh - Figurehead + Impotent

SC : Lim Guan Eng (Child) - 2nd Boss

DC : Tan Seng Giaw

TR : Fong Kui Lun

OS : Teresa Kok

I am sure DAP virgin sheep will come and scream, "Liar! DAP is a true multi-party unlike UMNO! We have Indians as Vice Chairman as well!!!". True, DAP do have Indian both as one of five (1/ 5) Vice chairman (i.e. Kulasegaran).

This is the same M.Kulasegaran who was bitch slapped right, centre and left by DAP Perak in the recently concluded DAP Perak party election. You see, M.Kulasegaran is the DAP's Indian mascot in order to prove it is a multi-racial party. Recently he fought with Ngeh Khoo Ham and Nga Kor Ming. On paper you would expect that a Vice Chairman will be more respected than Deputy Secretary and Asst Treasurer. But nope, in DAP, such figure is just a mascot or what HINDRAF call as mandore.

Back to the sham local election, 284 people participated in it. LOL. Yep...bloody 284 representing 1.5++ million Penangnites. One might be forgiven to think that those 284 came from one of DAP branches in Penang judging from the "highly diverse" group of people who voted.

Bearing in mind that the ratio of the population in Penang are 43% (Malay), 41% (Chinese) and 9.5% (Indian) Others (6%) let us look at the breakdown of the nominees.

For the position of MPPP, there were 3 Malays, 11 Chinese, 1 Indian. For the position MPSP, there were 2 Malays, 5 Chinese and 2 Indians. Well tak apalah...maybe that is the ratio of population in the multi-party DAP. LOL.

What is more important is the result right? Well....

Result of MPPP : 4 Chinese, 1 Indian

Result of MPSP : 3 Chinese, 2 Indian

Oh least LGE can now say "See... I already keep my promise lor." Plus LGE can also say that both Election Commissioner plus the odd 284 attendee endorsed DAP no plastic bag policy (WTF? Didn't Big Papa told us that EC should be free from Govt pressure?!)

by : Fatimah Zuhri

APA NAMA : It's DAP-style Democratic rights and their own results are showing their MALAY-free chauvinist agenda.

LOL... family jokers presenting circus in Penang

God Bless Pulau Pinang .. READ HERE!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik.

Labbaik, La Shareek Laka, Labbaik.

Innal Hamdah,

Wan Nematah,

Laka wal Mulk,

La Shareek Laka."

‎"Here I am at Thy service O Lord, here I am. Here I am at Thy service and Thou hast no partners. Thine alone is All Praise and All Bounty, and Thine alone is The Sovereignty. Thou hast no partners, here... I am"

May Allah (Subhanahuwatala) ...accept our Hajj. Ameen