Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Walau langkah tak bertemu,
tangan tak berjabat,
ucap tak terdengar,
namun hati ini mengucapkan...
mohon maaf zahir dan batin,
Di mana-mana sahaja berada......

Mata kadang kala salah melihat....
Maka Jari kadang kala salah menaip....
Mulut kadang kala salah bercakap....
Hati kadang kala salah menduga.....
Maafkan segala kekhilafan yang pasti ada....

Maaf itu mahal,
Kalau terkesan mudah terucap,
bukan maksud hati merendahkan nilainya
Tapi kerana mahalnya itulah,
saya dan keluarga memohonnya dari semua,
agar ikhlas memberinya
Untuk semua...
Agar kita memasuki bulan yang suci,
dengah hati yang suci pula...

EID MUBARAK - Syawal 1429H

Friday, September 26, 2008


Will UMNO make believe before Oct 9, Pak Lah will decide? Read this carefully;

“I have not announced any decision as far as this particular point is concerned. And I intend to do it before the divisional meetings begin,”

Mirror... Mirror... on the wall, can you show me what will be before Oct 9?

Pak Lah will decide to defend his presidency position before Oct 9 and before division meetings ... 12 days to go!

Did he murmured this conciously? What difference will it make if it is before, during and after Oct 9?

If the mirror shows green, he will go all out to contest. If its red.. he might as well say 'tata'.

But what if its orange? He will postpone again.. this time he will postpone his date line till March next year or he may call another urgent meeting for more surprises that suit his interest.

Another twist from our Mr Clean?

He seeks a smooth 'hand over' rather than a 'take over' of power, so 2010 hand over is no more debated.

Poor UMNO members, they thought this old man can be easily torn down by just hinting the grassroots drift.

Will PR careless Pak Lah's earlier hand over? Will there be a really smooth hand over by March 2009... will there still time to hand over? Mull over Mr Najib!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The UMNO Emergency Supreme Council Meeting to be held tomorrow will take note a few interesting details :


To a way for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to make an honourable exit and pass on the baton to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak by early next year.


* The controversial 2010 power transition plan

* The postponement of the party’s annual general assembly, currently slated for Dec 16 to 20 which had been deferred once before by Abdullah.


KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may quit in June 2009, earlier than the 2010 date planned, according to a proposal to be discussed at an emergency meeting of his UMNO party on Friday.

Abdullah had asked the supreme council of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) to move back leadership elections to next year from December to avoid a contested vote in which he may have been forced out, a senior party source told Reuters ... Further info

Summarized from Malaysiakini:

i) Kelantan and Penang : back Abdullah.

ii) Selangor: Lukewarm support. 20 out of 22 divisions are also reported to be dead-set against Abdullah’s transition plan. Petaling Jaya Utara : Najib-Muhyiddin combo is likely be nominated. Sepang : Pledged support for the 2010 transition plan.

iii) Terengganu : Only one division is prepared to back the 2010 transition plan.

iv) Johor : The top two posts to be determined by delegates at the party division meetings due next month. They said;

Committee member for Segamat division, Mohd Azami Othman, said Abdullah should not even think about contesting with Najib as his number two.

“I would like to advise Abdullah not to be taken in by reports from sycophantic quarters. In the end, their support may not materialise.”

Ahmad Kemim, committe member of Johor Baru division, also told Malaysiakini a large number of grassroots wanted a Najib-Muhyiddin pairing.

v) Perak : Up to 10 divisions are said to be keen on an early change in leadership, while another 14 divisions are still waffling.

According to a party insider:

“Pak Lah is under renewed pressure to make a gracious exit before Oct 13 at the very latest.

"Both Najib and Muhyiddin are now confident of getting enough nominations for president and deputy president, leaving Pak Lah out in the cold,” the party insider said here.

A few top leaders had already warned Abdullah that he may not be able to get the minimum 58 nominations needed to defend his presidency.

Umno's 191 divisions begin their annual meetings on Oct 9, when they will also nominate candidates for the top posts.

What's left for Pak Lah now? Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Kedah, Sabah and Sarawak have not remarked anything yet. One thing for sure, Wanita and Pemuda Chief have made their point clearly to Pak Lah.

June 2009.. is it another twist from Pak Lah? Till we wait for tomorrow's surprises.

Lets share what others have to say too;

  1. UMNO's MKT Meeting 26th September 08 - Sakmongkol AK47
  2. Goodbye Pak Lah - Liberty
  3. Perhimpunan Agung UMNO Bakal Ditunda? - Tangents
  4. Mesyuarat Khas MT UMNO Esok Penuh Spekulasi... - Kuda Kepang

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So too little has shown support to free Raja Petra and other ISA detainees?

Despite who ever he is, he has sacrificed his freedom for truth...
Despite who ever he is, ISA does not deserve the right to detain anyone before proven guilty!!!!
Yes, honesty is such a lonely word... everyone is so untrue. All he need is ... someone to believe!

Please, share your support not just for Raja Petra but to other ISA detainees too..

Pete might say this to us all:

"I can always find someone
to say they sympathize.
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve.
But I don't want some pretty face
to tell me pretty lies.
All I want is someone to believe..."







It will never be a surprise to UMNO and the nation, if Pak Lah will decide to stay on. These have happened many times over and over again even Pak Lah knew too well.. his days has been called to END!

Recent UMNO Supreme Council meeting, Wanita and Pemuda leaders has voiced their qualms over Pak Lah's presidency nominations. It was told by insiders that Pak Lah has initially agreed to a much earlier exit plan but later...

Yes baba, I need you and not THEM!
Yes baba, you have 100 unsured nominations from the divisions
Yes baba, if you go now... I will be a seasoned politician
Yes baba, too many skeletons to be hidden.. not enough time!
Yes baba, I have brilliant idea...
Yes baba, you give more goodies to them
Yes baba, I'll ask my mom to shut that woman
Yes baba, I'll get those 'rempits' to run into those men
Yes baba, please baba... I beg you baba...

Are you listening?

Give me a better booster and a pillow too...


Akhirnya blogger Kickdefella dibebaskan. Selamat kembali.. We bloggers, do miss u thou! Welcome back Sheih!

Tetapi untuk seketika sahaja.. kerana Pak Lah masih Perdana Menteri Malaysia.. itu katanya secara sinis kepada wartawan.

Dari Kota Baru ke Dang Wangi, di kedua-dua tempat penginapan (lokap), Sheih telah ketemu Al Ghazali..

Masih ingat sajak Pak Lah - Ku Cari Damai Abadi? Hayati setiap ayat yang tertulis :

Aku cari bukan harta bertimbun-timbun,
Untuk hidup kaya,
Aku cari bukan wang berjuta-juta,
Untuk hidup bergaya,
Aku cari bukan kawan-kawan,
Untuk hidup sekadar berfoya-foya,
Aku cari mana dia Al
Aku cari mana dia Al-Shafie,
Kita bongkar rahsia kitab suci,
Cari pedoman
Kita bongkar rahsia sunnah nabi
Cari panduan
Aku hidup kerana Dia Rabbi
Dialah teman
Dialah wali
Dia mencukupi
Aku hidup bererti

Menikmati damai abadi

Sheih telah mencadangkan di manakah Pak Lah boleh ketemu Al Ghazali? Di mana?
Ini jawapan Sheih...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


BERANI BERUBAH... DARE TO CHANGE by mukhriz.com and this is what he said,
"... akan membantu saya untuk lebih mendekati anda semua." and "ia tidak akan menghalang kita untuk sentiasa untuk berinteraksi dan 'stay connected'..."

Mahathir's son, but his own man ... "You may say it's an unfair advantage but I think by now, people would have seen that I'm my own man without needing to delink me from my father."

Deep Tots :
  • Yes, you are Mukhriz, unlike some people... the seasonal politician!
  • What will happen if one day they are no more associated to their old man? Soon.. they will rot and become rancid.
  • These seasonal politicians as the rakyat see them as 'OPPORTUNISTS' and its obvious.
  • You know and we know too...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Its all up to me" and "I did not explain again. I just said that I'm aware, I'm putting my ears close to the ground", said Pak Lah. That was what he said before the Supreme Council meeting took place yesterday.

This is what actually happened during the Supreme Council as briefed by the insiders.

Malaysia Insider | KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19
There is a possibility that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may not seek re-election at the December polls of Umno — of which he is president — following a meeting yesterday of the party’s supreme council, according to party insiders.

Even as recently as Wednesday, Abdullah had maintained that he would seek re-election. But the insiders said the meeting had been “lively and frank” and that while no firm decision had been taken on the handover of power — Abdullah has said he will hand over the job to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak by June 2010 — the message delivered to Abdullah was that he was not popular at the grassroots... Read further

...the combative Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, was more aggressive in asking Abdullah to consider a quicker transition of power.

Datuk Shafie Apdal rounded up the band of critics at yesterday’s council meeting. He did not make specific demands of the PM, but urged him to consider the situation on the ground and listen to what party members in the divisions wanted. Further report - UMNO chiefs split on pace of leadership change

Deep Tots :

  • Oct 9, the UMNO divisional meetings will begin. Will there be enough nomination for Pak Lah to defend his Presidency?
  • What if theres not enough nominations for Pak Lah? Is he willing to spare this humilation?
  • The seniors voices are the voices of the majority UMNO grass-root members, they made it clear that they want him OUT!
  • Will UMNO and the rakyat share this humiliation too?
  • Will he really lend his ears to the grass-root members request this time and will he really go?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I quote what our Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah just said in his press conference after a cabinet meeting today via TV3 4 o'clock news :
"Anwar is a threat to our country's economy and security. I will act in the best interest of the people and the country."

"The transition is flexible. It is up to me. It will be no later than 2010 but it may be sooner."

Dato Seri Abdullah has announced today, he is taking over defence and swap with Najib over finance - Malaysia Insider

What is this? Abdullah has started to press his "PANIC BUTTON"? Is Anwar a real threat? Will Anwar be detained soon?

Lets just wait and pray... Laa illaha Illa anta Subhanaka inni Kuntu minaz-Zalimeen!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Deputy Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib has launched his personal website with a very warm and convincing tagline - Each of us is one Malaysian... Together we are one Malaysia... 1Malaysia.com.my << Click!

Congratulations! Finally, you are in the 21st century up class trend.

So you launch your website on the very 16th September. That is very thoughtful.

Ok Malaysians, you are welcome to place your comments to his website... but what good will it do later... yet to see. You are requested to submit your personal details too... So be it! Let him know your dissatisfactions and hopes...

I placed my comments as such;
Convince us you are worthy our trusts and hopes for the next Prime Minister... We want a leader who can unite us as One Malaysian... CONVINCE US!!!


This is a one hour personal chat betwen a friend and me while waiting anxiously updates for Malaysia Day celebration in Kelana Jaya last night. They said... watch out for surprises... is it so?

You may discover some surprise information through out this chat conversation. He is not a politician, not a racist but just being analytical and a concerned young breed of New Malaysia, sharing his personal critical thoughts and mind … some maybe true so up to you readers to analyse. So, should I say... is this just a "kopitiam" chat?

It started at 11.25pm and ended at about 12.45am

Pakyong : today najib agree peralihan 2010 dgn paklah.. apahal ni?

Me : hehehehe

Pakyong : nape teluq kena picit ke

Me : biasalah najib tu

Me : why semua org relate najib dgn teloq

Pakyong : silap2 .. (sori can't paste this)

Me : kacau bilau umno skg..

Pakyong : hahahaha umno kan sinking titanic

Pakyong : umno sebenar boleh aman.. kalau che det mati

Pakyong : hantu besor che det je

Me : u baca tak rpk's article on not all arabs are descendent of the prophet?

Pakyong : yeap.. i tak rase apa pun baca tu.. takde la sampai nak sensitive

Pakyong : so apenye hina islam

Pakyong : umno buat tu sume... nampak bodo.. 20 yrs ago boleh.. now rakyat byk maklumat

Pakyong : jakim pun sengal.. entah yg buat report polis tak baca pun rpknye repot

Me : jakim baca.. rasanye depa tak faham.. me no read english

Pakyong : ezam pun dah senyap

Pakyong : kalau umno nak info, offer saifudin nasution ... baru la power

Pakyong : ezam dah senyap.. infact ezam jadi beban kat umno

Pakyong : umno kena pancing saifudin then setpol MB selangor

Pakyong : HUSAM, NASARUDDIN, KAMARUDDIN ... sume org anwar

Pakyong : in sabah muka anwar satu page kat BORNEO POST.. man of the year

Pak yong : memang sentimen di sabah lain

Me : really?

Pakyong : terkejut i tgk borneo post muka anwar... padahal itu suratkhabar BN

Pakyong : i tak rase ade lompat esok

Me : esok tak mungkin.. yang kecoh org umno je

Pakyong : one chinese friend inform i, byk towkey cina dah transfer duit kat oversea

Pakyong : umno fragile .. anwar bersin saje dah panic

Pakyong : memang pyschology dia power

Pakyong : cet det takde power .. chinese young generation tak suke dia

Pakyong : sebab dia org tahu.. trick che det

Me : such as?

Pakyong : 13 may..

(sorry.. cant paste this line)

Me : what about malay youngsters?

Pakyong : malay youngsters below 40 go to PR

Pakyong : saluran 1 or 2 aje untuk umno

Me : hehehe

Pakyong : next 5 yrs.. makin kurang saluran 1/2

Me : kah... kah... kah...

Pakyong : pengarah kempen BN mat taib. pengarah PR-saifudin

Pakyong : beza tu mentality..bekas cikgu lwn economist

Pakyong : beza....umno byk contractor dok lobby jadi ketua bahagian

Pakyong : PR byk pensyarah...economist...professional

Pakyong : umno ok..kalau takde KJ, takde cet det

Jee : look at puteri - ckp pun menggigil

Pakyong : pak lah ok..

Jee : ok camne?

Pakyong : kebebasan akbar..judiciary..i think is trying is best to free those institution

Jee : dia ni surface je... implementation zero

Jee : dia weak government.....

Pakyong : at least he is trying

Jee : we cant afford to have weak leader... the rakyat is already running at F1 speed

Jee : xkan masih nak gelek mak limah

Pakyong : umno yg pilih

Pakyong : cet det pilih

Jee : dia as person mmg baik

Jee : not a good leader... dia tu follower je

Pakyong : yes

Pakyong : cuma for dia nye politic survival dia kena ade team...

Pakyong : cet det..muhyidin najib dah satu team

Pakyong : itu problem pak lah..dia takde team

Pakyong : najib byk org tak suka.......dia tak cukup clean..

Jee : abih semua tak boleh pakai - sape?

Pakyong : anwar la

Pakyong : new malaysia need leader yg boleh lead sume bangsa

Pakyong : no candidate dlm umno...

Pakyong : siapa politician boleh survive mcm anwar?

Pakyong : dia tu layak de facto je

Pakyong : hehehehe

Pakyong : jadi apa tak penting

Pakyong : tapi boleh unite sume bangsa in malaysia

Pakyong : najis chinese tak suka

Pakyong : sebab speech dia nak basah keris dgn darah cina

Pakyong : hehehe dulu boleh la..now internet cite sume tu

Jee : i habaq kat org2 umno ni... depa ni out dated.. depa marah

Pakyong : denial syndrome

Jee : depa kata bloggers are rubbish...

Pakyong : hehehehe

Pakyong : hahahaha rubbish boleh tumbang kerajaan

Pakyong : charge them kalau tak betul

Pakyong : tak kan law malaysia sengkek sgt tak boleh nak cover kes kes camtu

Pakyong : tgk la next 5 yrs.....umno takde furture base on current trend

Jee : depa kan suke syok sendiri

Jee : skg east msia dah bersuara about malaysia birth date

Pakyong : hehehe sabah jenis senang uturn

Pakyong : yes esok cuti kat sabah

Jee : wow

Jee : that is serious

Pakyong : yes

Pakyong : anwar tahu apa sbh nak

Pakyong : hehehe very soon..umno reput sendiri je

Pakyong : last2 component fed-up

Jee : if they loose this - final blow to them

Pakyong : itu la sure all out kat sabah

Pakyong : hehehe watch anipah aman, ghaffur salleh kat sabah

Pakyong : low profile aje ghaffur salleh

Jee : i tgh tunggu berita ni... ada pengumuman penting anwar nak bagi

Pakyong : yeke..u dgr kat mana?

Jee : byk sources

Jee : from bloggers - they update

Pakyong : ke anwar masuk umno??

Pakyong : update me ek


16 September : New dawn? New day for Malaysia? Finally the day has arrived!

Last night, the celebration was mesmerizing and PR de facto was told to make surprising announcements such as ... blah.. blah.. blah.. BUT MARK THESE STATEMENTS BELOW WELL!!!

"We have the numbers; the process has begun"

"Tomorrow, emissaries are going to try and meet the PM, and if that doesn't materialise, Anwar will start the process."

The test would be when we are able to disucss this with the PM, giving him ample evidence, in order to ensure peaceful transition. There is no point in harping on racial and religious extremism. Malaysians are now mature.

Pakatan Rakyat has submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today seeking "a meeting for a smooth transition of power".

Deep Tots :
  • PR will start the process for a smooth transition of power between Pak Lah and PR. I really need to get this right... Pak Lah and PR or BN and PR?
  • Last night, Pak Lah and Najib was reported still holding to 2010 for power transition. Only Pak Lah had the coverage, where is Najib? Is Najib planning a U-Turn? Everyone knows - the play safe man, he will wait ... for all he knows, its too late already!!!
  • Sabah is really celebrating the Malaysia Day.. Today is an official holiday for Sabah. They are serious thou.
  • TV3 7 o'clock morning news - they dare not cover the audience presence.
  • Let us just wait, anymore surprises for New Malaysia. Hope Pak Lah and his allies will be ok... Hope Pak Lah wont have last minute program or last minute call to Perth.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Raja Petra, Teresa Kok and Sin Chew reporter was shortlisted earlier and now they are qualified for the ISA detention. They were detained for these issues :

Raja Petra :
Raja Petra was picked up from his house in Sungai Buloh at 1.10pm.

As reported by MalaysiaKini, several government religious agencies had lodged police reports for his article "I Promise to be a Good Non-Hypocritical Muslim", allegdly insulting the Muslims he was detained for his article entitled allegedly in his article that insulted Muslims.

Teresa Kok :
Kok, who is Seputeh MP and also assemblyman for Kinrara, was arrested at 11.20pm Friday over azan controversy.

Sin Chew Daily Reporter :
Earlier, Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested from her home in Taman Permai in Bukit Mertajam at 8.40pm Friday. Tan was the person who first reported on Bukit Bendera MP Ahmad Ismail's racial remarks.

Deep Tots:

Read some of these related articles by RPK and tell me which sentence are these religious agencies referring as insulting Muslims or are the articles really revealing the true colors and surfacing true skins of the Malays who are only by birth and less faith as a Muslim?
  • Islamic Law versus Common Law ... read more
  • Good Muslims and Bad Muslims ... read more
  • I promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim ... read more
  • The great tudung debate ... read more
Islam, Muslims and Malays, please tell me the difference too. When one condemns a Muslim's immoralities is it an insult to Islam? When one speaks of Malays who are 'Bodoh Sombong', is it racist?

Teresa - the azan controversy plus the jawi sign board? The Sassy MP has her own answers ... read further . This does not end here, clarifications made by respectives are as follows;

Therefore, for the sake of Islam pure intelligence and honour, please Iqra' Muslims and Malays!

Don't deny that we are good for assuming and hearsays simply because we are pure too lazy to read and think. We prefer to gather over 'teh tarik' and gossipings over Malay's favorite issues that is 'UBAT KUAT, KAWIN SEPULUH, JANDA BERGETAH, SCHOOLS OF MAGNUMS AND 3Ds ... to name a few'.

I'm sure some of my malay buddies will be disgusted and annoyed (you name them) over this truth. Aren't we ashame to claim ourselves as Muslims? Oooopppsss.. I forgotten, we are muslims but not Islamic, therefore the word 'shame' was never in our vocab.

What shall we do, if we call ourselves Muslims, when RPK was denied his 'WAJIB' Friday prayers? Guess i know what most malays would say... PADAN MUKE KAU PETRA!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Nun jauh di sana, Najib mula bersuara tapi kali ini suaranye agak berlainan. Liriknya telah diubahsuai dan melodinya seperti lebih berjiwa akar umbi. Lirik asal, Bos yang buat tapi Najib tak bantah. Bos tak marahke ubah lirik?

Kita amati betul-betul lirik di bawah ini...

Bahagian tentukan pelan peralihan kuasa PM, TPM

12/09/2008 12:00pm

Sebarang perubahan dalam pelan peralihan kuasa antara Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Perdana Menteri seharusnya ditentukan melalui mesyuarat bahagian UMNO, kata Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita pada Persidangan Perniagaan China Guandong-Malaysia di sini hari ini. - Utusan

Deep Tots:

  • Is this Najib's new strategy to stay in power?
  • Is Pak Lah's grip loosening?
  • Raja Petra's detantion is part of the strategy?
  • What will Ku Li say... Is he giving way to Najib?
  • Bila Muhyidin bersuara, Pak Lah terkejut... now Najib... Syawal in Perth sir?
  • Che Det's comeback... who is in your team? Is Najib still in Che Det's priority list?
  • Hey People... don't have to crack our heads... let the clowns be... let the BEST MAN WINS!!
  • 916 can never happens... Anwar please work harder!!!


I should personally say that it is certainly a ramadhan gift from Pak Lah and Najib for this breaking news. One wonders, where are their respect and honour for Ramadhan? When this happens, one wonders too, if they could be 'khusyuk' when at everytime in their solat. How would you face Allah when clearly being noted that there should be 'no war' in this holy month. Why can't you guys just wait until Ramadhan is over?

: FREEDOM under Threat. I have just received (at 1.24 pm) a call from Raja Sara that her Dad, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, has been taken in under ISA and that their Police were at the residence. This makes a mockery of the Star Report below.—Din Merican


Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) was arrested under ISA a few minutes ago.

According to his wife, Marina Lee Abdullah, 10 policemen came to pick RPK at their house at 1.10 pm today.

The Malaysian government is very desperate now. They will do anything to stop "16 September" from happen.

The arrest of RPK is just the beginning.....

Deep Tots :
  • Isn't it clear that this is a desperate attempt?
  • My God! These so called muslims never know how to respect the month of Ramadhan. First, they sent the BBC members to Taiwan (surely there are muslims among the members) then arresting RPK ... (They certainly could not wait till Ramadhan is over)
  • Well people, isn't it clear too that BN is so afraid of 916? It could not be now but it will be definite sooner and not later.
  • Anwar's next trial is 29th September - another Ramadhan gift from Pak Lah!
  • On the other thoughts, is Pak Lah doing Najib a favor?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


"Text me if necessary. I don't work on Saturdays and Sundays. It's my rest day!" - this sms text was sent by a common Malaysian. Wow... wow... Malaysians do know how to enjoy their weekends. Malaysia Truly Malaysians!

Come to think of it, the first thing that crossed my mind is that this Malaysian surely is filthy rich with cash that please do not disturb him/her on the weekends or probably and other holidays. Great Malaysians! But when one analyze per capita income of a Malaysian it could be pathetic and we are still the developing country.

This Malaysian who sent me this text, surely a great lovers of the Hollywood lifestyle or the Burj-Al Arab dreamers.

When reading Che Det's blog on Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, I will have to agree very much with him. And these are some of his views on Malaysians who are holidays lovers;

'Can we grow faster by not working? I think not.'

But I ask myself are people like me, a pensioner being paid and not working? Or is the country on automatic - administrating itself? Or is it that there really is not much work to do that we can close up for one-third of the year?

Next, Malaysians not only are holidays lovers but they are also party freaks. Family days, Well Wishes days, Khenduris, Jamuans, Annual Dinners, Parades and so on and so on...

Therefore people, if you wish to enjoy and less stress, welcome to Malaysia... Land of holidays! Land of lazy bumps and sleepy heads plus dreamers!

There will be nothing wrong for taking a break. Isn't it too much when one third of the year, Malaysia stop functioning as a productive and developing country? Malaysia stops its brain to think and to plan? Malaysia is so fragile to crimes on those holidays? Malaysia will be an easy target for any economics breakdown?

Do not blame others when at any time, Malaysia is under attack, be it the global economics, political or security, when she offers too many days to welcome all these.

But what about during working days? Do Malaysians really work? Its for the Malaysians to know and the World and Investors to find out.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


At this point of time, while reading RPK's probably last article before the BN Government arrest him under ISA, I'm listening to this song - He aint heavy, he's my brother... this is dedicated to especially to you... Yes, the road is long, with many a winding turn but he aint heavy, he's my brother...

Be strong and uphold to your Amar Maaruf Nahi Munkar... Our prayers are always with you.. Believe in Allah and never give up hope in HIM.


"Today, I received many phone calls from concerned friends who told me that the government is considering detaining me under the Internal Security Act ‘very soon’. If that does happen, then this could probably be the last article I write, at least until 16 September 2008." - RAJA PETRA, Malaysia Today << Click to read further

  • Is Anwar Unstoppable?
  • What is Mr Abdullah's future?
  • What about UMNO's future?
  • From now to September 16 and December, what are the signs to look for?
  • If Anwar were to be Prime Minister, what kind of leader would he be?
Deep Tots :
Lets mull over RPK's wise thoughts, dont deny but lets mull over!!!






Below is the transcript of the interview - MalaysiaKini | Beh Lih Yi | Sep 5, 08 12:44pm :

Malaysiakini: Can you tell us what happened on June 28 when Saiful came to the hospital?
Osman: I can't say exactly. At first, he saw one lady doctor and then he requested to see a male doctor because (he was) shy, so they sent him to my room.
Deep Tots : Yes indeed.. the pretty boy a shy boy!

Malaysiakini: When you met him, did he complain of being sodomised?
Osman: I can't answer. I saw Saiful (right) in my clinic and I questioned him, examined him - that was it.
Deep Tots : No stress... looks cheerful... sodomised victim syndrome?

Malaysiakini: Did he mention that he was sodomised by Anwar?
Osman: I can't answer.
Deep Tots : ... reserved your comment?

Malaysiakini: Did he mention any names?
Osman: No names. I'll give my evidence in court. I just treated him as any other ordinary patient, I only knew (he was Saiful) after two days.
Deep Tots : I'm sure Dr Osman wonders why this boy need the medical check up... Doc, you are human too.. They say, "Curiosity kills the cat"

Malaysiakini: Did he appear nervous when he met you?
Osman: I can't say.
Deep Tots : Any sign of trauma?

Malaysiakini: Could you explain why you stated 'to rule out sodomy, go to a government hospital' at the end of the medical report?
Osman: That's a standard procedure because if it is a medical legal case, we have to tell the patient to go to a government hospital. They have a team for specific examination - that is normal procedure. There are people who interpret the phrase as meaning 'you can't confirm there were no signs of sodomy and thus you had to ask him to go to a government hospital to rule out sodomy'.

Osman: I am a doctor, I have 30 years experience. I have been seeing all these patients.
Deep Tots : Reputable hospital report are not accepted for medical legal case?

Malaysiakini: Your employer, Pusrawi Hospital, has said that you did not carry out a sodomy-related test. Is this true?
Osman: That is their view, I respect their comment. I will give my evidence in court.
Deep Tots : Wow.. wow.. when a patient complains of sickness and pains.. what will the doctor do?

Malaysiakini: Can you confirm it was a sodomy-related examination?
Osman: Normally every doctor can check - that is what we call per-rectal examination. Every doctor knows how to do it, that is normal practice, (one doesn't) need to be a specialist for that examination. That's it, I used the per-rectal examination.
Deep Tots : Why does Pusrawi employ doctor who is not fit to run such related examination?

Malaysiakini: So you are saying you're qualified to do it? The hospital said you are just a medical officer.
Osman: Yes. Every medical doctor can do the test. That is a very basic test.
Deep Tots : Medical officer... why Pusrawi allows a medical officer to be called a doctor?

Malaysiakini: Generally, how's the test carried out?
Osman: We have a look at the anus area, then we put the finger (in to) check whether everything is normal or abnormal, then we'll put the proctoscope and look whether there is any bleeding, scar or (signs of) abnormality, that is what we call per-rectal examination.

Osman: Every doctor must know (this test). You just check (the results of) the examination (and), you may know everything.
Deep Tots : Anus area... in and out the anus area? Oh yes, he was sodomised by the proctoscope then!

Malaysiakini: In the statutory declaration, you claimed that the police were tried to tamper with your witness statement, could you elaborate on this? You said it was the police who inserted Anwar's name into your statement?
Osman: I don't understand Bahasa (Malaysia), at that time they didn't mention Datuk Seri's (Anwar's) name (in the witness statement), they just mentioned a VIP.
Deep Tots : VIP... could it be also the Prime Minister?

Malaysiakini: Did you ever advise Saiful to lodge a police report?
Osman: Never, never. I advised him to go to the general hospital or any government hospital.
Deep Tots : Go to general hospital or any government hospital... for what? Sure lead to legal matters...

Malaysiakini: You said you didn't know that the patient was Saiful - did you not get the patient's folder with his name before you examined him?
Osman: There are so many patients. We (usually) see the patient, their face, (whether they are) male or female, our diagnosis - that's what we get from the patient.

Osman: When I read the newspapers and saw his name in the newspaper, I didn't know he was my patient. That afternoon when I started my duty I called my nurse and checked in the computer whether he was my patient.

Osman: (Then we confirmed) he came on June 28, only at that time I came to know he was my patient. The TV3 news showed Saiful's photo (but) when I saw the photo I didn't know (it was him) because the photo was different (from how he looked).
Deep Tots : Yes indeed.. the pretty boy is him!!

Malaysiakini: Were you surprised to read (in the newspapers) that he claimed he was sodomised - something that was totally different from what you found from the medical examination?
Osman: (Pauses) I will give the evidence in court.
Deep Tots : This pretty boy really gave Dr Osman a hard time... What a pity! What a regret!

Malaysiakini: Who usually keeps the medical record?
Osman: I am one of the doctors working there, there are so many patients, (these records) usually goes to the record office. (The medical record was) with me only for a few minutes. After seeing the patient, the nurse will take the patient's folder and send it back to the counter.

Osman: (The folder was) with me just for a few minutes - 10 or 15 minutes - (because) while the patient is inside (the clinic), I have to write on that folder, once I finish, it will be kept by the (hospital's) record office. We don't the paper work, we see the patients.
Deep Tots : Guess pretty boy is upset over the report... is it only him or the whole entourage?

Malaysiakini: How many copies of the record will be kept by the hospital?
Osman: One folder for one patient.

Malaysiakini: Why did you decide to come out in public at this juncture?
Osman: After taking leave, I feel relieved and I decided to come back to Malaysia, I wanted to clear my name.
Deep Tots : Thanks doc... the rakyat surely need to know your side of the story

Malaysiakini: Have you spoken to the hospital management?
Osman: Not yet.
Deep Tots : Pusrawi in deep shit... Let them be!

Malaysiakini: Do you wish to go back to Pusrawi Hospital after all that has happened?
Osman: At the moment, yes. If I have a chance to get another job, I will take the other job (laughs).
Deep Tots : Its not end of your career... I supposed you just have to do what you have to do.

Malaysiakini: Were you under pressure all this while?
Osman: I got stressed because of the investigation, I have no experience, there were three times (of being questioned by the police) but the police never (pressured) me.
Deep Tots : A new doctor's scope of work - You are answerable to the police as and when requiered by the BN

Malaysiakini: What about your family, were they under pressure?
Osman: My youngest daughter will sit for the UPSR exam next week, (we have been away for) one month. Yes, they were under pressure too.
Deep Tots : All the best to your family.

Malaysiakini: Was there any harassment from the police or politicians?
Osman: No.
Deep Tots : Not yet i guess.. soon and it will be very soon

Malaysiakini: Since you have been thrust into the limelight, how can you carry on with your job?
Osman: I want my life back.

More infos :

Thursday, September 04, 2008

16 September : Tarikh keramat atau kiamat?

Keramat untuk siapa dan Kiamat untuk siapa?

Yang pasti Malaysia telah dilahirkan pada 16September 1963. Berikut adalah artikel-artikel untuk rujukan dan renungan kita bersama.

  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman's speech on Malaysia Day 16 September 1963 - The Birth of Malaysia in all states of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah ... Click to read more
  2. Penubuhan Malaysia 16 September 1963 ...Penubuhan Malaysia menerima tentangan keras dari Indonesia dibawah Presiden slogan "Ganyang Malaysia" - UMNO online.
  3. Malaysia as a unified state did not exist until 1963 ... Click to read more
  4. Hari Malaysia ditetapkan pada 16 September 1963 ... Arkib Negara Malaysia

Deep Tots :
  • Malaya merdeka pada 31 Ogos 1957 dan penubuhan Malaysia 16 September 1963... Yang mana satu perlu diraikan? Kenapa tiada siapa ingin perbetulkan perayaan ni? Di mana silap sejarah? Mana mungkin sejarah yang silap!
  • Kita sekarang raikan Malaya atau Malaysia? Tanpa 16 September, Malaysia TIADA!
  • Sekiranya UMNO dan Barisan Nasional masih mengagungkan 31 Ogos, Malaya telah kiamat... 16 September ada tarikh keramat untuk Malaysia... MALAYSIA DILAHIRKAN! Sedihnye Malaysia, harijadimu dilupakan... KENAPA IYE?
  • Mungkinkah PR mampu melahirkan semula tarikh keramat ini? Penantian satu penyiksaan atau penantian satu rahmat buat rakyat MALAYSIA BARU!!!