Friday, February 05, 2010

CIFU (Can I F _ _ _ K U) - A New Word introduced

English Lesson 101 : Start Your Day With Laughter by Fatimah Zuhri

Main Entry: CIFU
Function: Verb
Pronunciation: \'ci fu'\
Etymology: Middle Malaysia
Long Definition: A forceful invitation to have anal sex by someone (especially but not limited to Anwar Bin Ibrahim)
Short Definition: Can I F*** You ?
Usage: Usually vulgar
Alternatives : CIFU, CIFU-ed, CIFU-ing


(a) Bung Nuar and Zul Nordin at a massage parlour in Bangsir.

Bung Nuar: "Boy...that feels good..."

Zul gave Anwar a suspicious look. Next day...

Bung Nuar : "Man...this feels nice..."

Zul start to have a worrisome look on his face. Next day...

Bung Nuar : "Zul...that looks yummy..."

Zul : "Bung, are you trying to CIFU-ing around with me ?"

(b) Lim and Nik having Nasi Dagang Ayam Percik at Nik's home.

Nik : "Dude, why do you look troubled? You got Along problem is it? Dont worry meh, I can ask Husim to cut down some forest in my backyard, sell them in the black market and give you the money!"

Lim : " is not that. I am thinking about something that happened earlier today...

Nik : "What is it my dear brother? "

Lim : "Well, you know lah tomolow is our Big Boss's birthday lor. Earlier today he sms me asking if I can come to visit him tonight. But...."

Nik : "What's wrong then? Maybe Big Boss want to promote you to become Deputy Big Boss lor..."

Lim " first me also think the same too but Big Boss told me to meet him in this one apartment lah...I am confused why he does not want to meet at his house or our HQ? "

Nik : "Oh no my brother! You are going to get CIFU by Big Boss!"

(c) Khalid Samid at the Confession Room.

Khalid : "Sob...sob...sob..."

Priest : "What is wrong my son ?"

Khalid : "Father...forgive me but I have sinned."

Priest : "Do not worry. Tell me what is on your yourself from your guilt..."

Khalid : "Sob sob sob...last...last night I went to see Bung Nuar and...and..sob..sob."

Priest : "And what my son ?"

Khalid : "He...he...CIFU-ed me..."

Priest : "Damn that Anwar...the lord will surely punish him for this! Hmmm my dear son, do you have his number?"

Khalid : ".........."

ps : This has nothing to do with people who are either dead or alive. LOL here!!!!