Friday, November 28, 2008


This SMS from Doc TokAsid [... duduk sevillage tapi jumpe di handphone aje] confirmed our fellow bloggers to gather for lunch;

"Salam. Pemberitahuan ttg lunchdate bloggers pd 29nov. Masih di the curve but not at asam pedas. It will b at d terrace opposite asam pdas. Its at the bintang hotel. Rm 25 per head buffet n endless tehtarik. Lets say around 12.30pm. Tq"

On behalf of the main organisers, namely Doc Tokasid, Shah Cakapaje, Kerp, Mat Salo and Datuk Jaflam, I would like to extend and invitation to all those who are free. We would really love to have a face to face.

Who will turn up?

1- Mat Salo
2-Shah Cakap Aje
4-Dato' Jaflam
5-Pak Idrus
6-Fauziah Ismail
9-Unker Zorro(according to Kerp)
10-YB Khalid Samad
11-Jeejah Mantra
13-Sheih Kickdafella( according to Shah Cakap aje)*
15-Capt Yusof (Ancient Mariner)
16-Cikgu Nazir of Kata Tak Nak
17-Amin Black*
18-Hazrin (A film producer friend of Shah's)*

19 - More surprises... who knows the Kings of Kings might turn up!

Probably others would consider such as...

1. Mr Wenger J Khairy???
2. Owner of Kulit Pisang???
3. Owner of Broken Riffle (Senapang Patah)???
4. Nevertheless, Mr or Miss Anonymous???

The more the merrier... Lets get real and alive! Looking forward to be there... here I come Madame Mantra...

p/s : Psssttttt.... I have extended my invitation to KJ @Khairy@ PM's beloved SIL... some say looking forward.. some whispered, only if he dares...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Lets get real! When the beloved SIL is in control... the picture depicts... IMAGINE!

Lets get wilder here... The Darker Side has more for us!

Monday, November 24, 2008


What is all these hassle and qualms over the yoga fatwa?

Lets just get the ruling right. The council is ok with YOGA if minus the chanting and mantra (are you referring to me? ... oh no, not me!). Go ahead with the exercise... and what if instead we replace with zikir? Agree or no agree?

The fatwa is a guideline, so dear fellow muslims please do not doubt further but to question for clarification is ok...

And dear other fellows, why do you have to shout? The fatwa doesn't concern you at all, its just a guideline for the Muslims. Sorry, when it comes to fatwa and guidelines, muslims are not obliged to discount further, we will dedicately adhere.

Still feeling sensitive?

Put it this way, theres no haram to look or walk beside a piggy (of course not my fellow Mr Piggy), but a no-no if you are in direct contact or consume them.

Guys, don't spare your nickle reading the mainstream. The NST and Malaysian Insider report will scare you away. Alas!

Feeling a little soothing now? Care to join me?

[... please do not exclude me, the MANTRA or Ill be standing on ONE hand!]

p/s : Our fellow hindu fren commented;... its from Pak Husin Lempoyang

balan said...


You make sense. I don't mind attending those classes.

Hindu Sangam is no moral guardian nor the authority of Hindus in this country. It's just that the government gave them a recognition.

Temples and their committes gives no hood to them as they run to politicans when they have problems as politicians control temples.

This also the reason for Hindraf's existence, politics not religion.

They have no control over temples and hindus do in terms of their so-called religious practises. The president admitted that, Pls read here.

When they have no control over Hindus in Malaysia, why bother about some fatwa. I wonder...

Moral guardians of Hinduism konon..

Sunday, November 23, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (Bernama)
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar today suggested that bloggers set up their own code of ethics to ensure that they are accountable for what they write in their blogs.

Wow.... such an interesting and provocating issue to raise! Are we bloggers agitated by such statement?

Do we really need to formulate our own code of ethics?

Will this
statement also reflect amongst bloggers such as Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang or even Khairy for their ability to write and aspire in depth ideas and intelligent? More and more politicians adding to the blogsphere are not accountable to their postings? Most bloggers write at their own bills and pace, we are well aware to our own opinions plus responsibility but perhapsnot so to some hand fools.

"... Bloggers are not journalists who are trained to write in a fair and balanced manner" said Syed Hamid.

Why the preference to journalists only? Will they write in a fair and balanced manner? I can answer that... simple, they are paid to do so! No further explanations.

Why Malaysians are so much into blogging?
Where else can we Malaysians refer to other sources with in-depth analysis? The spinning mainstream media? Blog in RTM on air for 20 minutes? Live in Parliment for 20 minutes? 2 minutes of delayed news for every issue?

Are we bunch of retard writers and readers? Tell us, if we can't distinguish between 'Talk Points'
and 'Talk Nuts'. Unless the government feed us with fair and in-depth informations, which obviously null and spinning, then we have no reason to blogging. And are we not entitle to our own opinion thou?

National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) Protem President, Rocky have this to say ... "Bloggers have the power of influencing opinions, and if it (the power) is abused it can create enmity among friends." .... this seems to be a bit too personal to you, Rocky! Its just a matter of opinion and ideas. What is it with here and here?

Rocky also said that anonymous comments should be treated like "surat layang" (poison pen letters) and bloggers and readers alike have the right to ignore the messages.... for that I will have to agree! Anyone in that circle?

Many ways to skin a cat... its best not to publish but not to ignore. Most truth starts with
rumours... denying? So, are we bloggers LIARS and NUISANCE or has the BN Government lost touch disseminating their hidden truth?

p/s : Some interesting articles...
  1. Call for a code of ethics for Ministers - Mr Wenger KJ

  2. Etika Blogger : Baguslah, Syed Hamid Dah Tergadah!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Good evening and salam to all bloggers,

Have you ever experienced what I experienced recently? I would consider this blogger as a secret admirer and this is what I meant....

Senapang Patah wrote: Camon MATRA !!! If u profesional... publish my comments...

He didnt give up and finally published it in his own blog... haha

Senapang Patah said...

Mantra are COWARD... She dont whant publish my comments at her blog....

Deep Tots :
  • Senapang Patah has been begging to publish his comments several times in my blog. Ayoyo adik... whats the hurry? You can't even spell MANTRA correctly.
  • I plead to all bloggers... Pls, Pls visit his blog before he decided to inform his master - Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, the MP of Rembau and the contender for Pemuda UMNO whilst Khairy will report to his father in law. For that, if we bloggers did not respond... Pak Lah might consider to terminate total ICT in Malaysia... Oh no! What is life without the internet?
  • I assure you will have fun browsing through his posting and do not forget to leave some nice words to his comment column. Lets fill them up....
  • He is not alone... well fellow bloggers, Khairy breed a few others to the same cage;
  1. ProKhairy
  2. KulitPisang
  3. Protes Minda
  4. Maya KJ
  5. The Captain - Bro Jinggo
  • Will he fit to be my secret admirer? Only if he knows how to say the magic word - Please!
  • I suppoesed I have done Senapang a great favor... KJ's fans will soon keep you busy and please do not beg from me anymore, I am already out of penny! Perhaps Piggy , Mr Wenger KJ, Azly and Zubli or perhaps Pak Bakaq would kinldy assist you. Mr Sebol... what say you? Topeng Perak - someone new in the cyber space is asking for war....
  • Still not happy? Go and argue with JMD! or perhaps RPK would consider...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Should either Rafidah or Shahrizat sway with the lyrics... the battle between them has just begun... IT ONLY JUST BEGUN!

Shahrizat has received 73 nominations to contest the post of Wanita Umno chief. Incumbent Rafidah has garnered 117 nominations.

It seems, Kamilia is uncontested and the post for 2nd Chief Wanita is hers now... either way, sooner or later, Kamilia won the race.

Transition plan or not agreeing to the plan, what most irated Rafidah is when Sharizat finally lullabied to her that... SAID I LOVED YOU, BUT I LIED.

Well Shahrizat, Rafidah will stick to your words - 'my word is my honour'," ... and how can you explain that?

p/s :

You can do it ladies! In the meantime, care to join karaoke for a break? How could we resist the ever sexy Michael! I think I'd prefer the horses...



Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Richard M. Nixon 1973 - "I am not a crook."
On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon infamously denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal with his now timeless defense.
Thing is, he was.

Bill Clinton 1998 - "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
With those words, President Clinton didn't just dig himself a hole, he stole a backhoe, dug a really deep hole, drove the backhoe into the hole, wired the backhoe with explosives and blew it up. Strenuously denying his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky at a January press conference, Clinton was later impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about the matter under oath.

George H.W. Bush 1988 - "Read my lips: no new taxes."
That pledge was the centerpiece of Bush's acceptance address, written by speechwriter Peggy Noonan, for his party's nomination at the 1988 Republican National Convention. It was a strong, decisive, bold statement, and you don't need a history degree to see where this is going. As presidents sometimes must, Bush raised taxes. His words were used against him by then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in a devastating attack ad during the 1992 presidential campaign.

John McCain 2008 - "The fundamentals of the economy are strong."
Senator McCain was probably trying to be reassuring, as Presidents ought to be in times of turmoil and stress. Yet, when investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy hours after he made this statement during the 2008 campaign, McCain looked shockingly out of
touch. His opponent, Barack Obama, wasted no opportunity to repeat McCain's statement, a particularly effective attack as the economy went further and further south.

Jimmy Carter 1976 - "I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times."
The decision to do an interview with Playboy magazine was possibly not the best call of President Carter's tenure. Yet, it was all going pretty well until he started talking about the Bible and adultery. Now, Carter's not actually admitting anything shocking. Most men would probably say, "Yep, been there." But presidents rarely (and for good reason) venture into the land of "too much information" : Ideally, they should exist on a higher plane than the rest of us. It was an
uncomfortable moment for America.

Mark Foley 1998 - "It's vile. It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."
This quote is more ironic than a whole double-CD album of Alanis Morrissette songs. Republican Rep. Mark Foley, having uttered this gem at the height of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, was brought down by an addiction to sexually explicit text messages to male congressional pages. It's like rain on your wedding day.

Lyndon B. Johnson 1964 - "We still seek no wider war."
President Johnson announced to the nation after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August, 1964 that the U.S. would not rise to the bait after what was considered a provocative attack from Hanoi. While the American government claimed that North Vietnamese warships had attacked U.S. vessels in the Gulf, it later turned out to be the opposite. The Vietnam escalation followed shortly thereafter.

Bill Clinton 1998 - "That depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."
The lowest point in President Clinton's public life, the Sept. 1998 release of the Ken Starr report also provided what might have been the lowest and most desperate of legal defenses: Clinton reached new depths of word-parsing during his videotaped August 17 testimony in front of a grand jury. Until then, America hadn't been sure there was more than one definition of "is." Just to be clear, there isn't.

Herbert Hoover 1929 - "The fundamental business of the country, that is, production and distribution of commodities, is on a sound and prosperous basis."
Thus declared President Hoover on Oct. 25, 1929. Sound familiar? Four days later, the stock market crashed, depression followed and Hoover became a joke. And yet all of this seemed to have been news to John McCain.

Richard Nixon 1973 - "You know, I always wondered about that taping equipment but I'm damn glad we have it, aren't you?"
President Nixon actually said this to Watergate co-conspirator H.R. Haldeman in April 1973, weeks before the U.S. Senate began its nationally televised hearings. Oh, Tricky Dick, you so crazy.

Deep Tots:
  • 90% of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at...
  • A picture can paint a thousand plot, thy words could be hazardous. Make no mistake...
  • Any of the liners and incidents familiar to us Malaysians? Was it just a conincident?
  • Malay infamous line - "Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa"

Monday, November 17, 2008

This... why BN is so outdated!

Are we really living, thinking and breathing in the 21st century? One home one pc and now one home one internet... Agree?

Home in urban and home in the rural area... Malaysians are so attached to internet and now the blackberry. We are so connected where ever we are or when ever we wish.

What has this got to do Barisan Nasional? This will tell you why... click >>

you can also switch to TV One Kelate

Its a live streaming tv for full parliment session daily. The internet TV is initiated by PKR and PAS... What happened to BN? 20 minutes only? Crap our style right?

This is why the rakyat prefers the alternatives...

Enjoy your live viewing and lets analyse ourselves who really fit to govern our country.

Is it too much if the rakyat would say, the BN is so out of date!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Some bloggers have branded Mantra as one of the anti-Khairy blog... too juicy to be true! A piece of advice to pro-Khairy's bloggers... learn to see the other side of the coins. What do I mean by that?

Lets compare notes. Pro-Khairy's bloggers has their latest piece on The Last Man Standing while Mukhriz respond to a prominent blogger's interview on The Son Rises.

I leave it to all of you... to your intelligent and truthfulness between the battle of the two minds. What is there for Mukhriz and why Khairy trailed behind him.

Enjoy, have fun... respond faithfully!

Friday, November 14, 2008


MStar online|Jumaat November 14, 2008
PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional (BN) perlu bekerja keras dalam usaha menarik golongan pengundi muda termasuk dua juta pengundi baru menjelang pilihan raya ke-13.

Apa kata Pak-Pak UMNO?

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz :

"... Kita tengok aspirasi mereka. Mereka tidak mahu melihat kepincangan termasuk rasuah berlaku."

"Kalau saya di Padang Rengas, pengundi di sana hanya 18,000 orang... jadi tak sukar bagi saya untuk menghubungi mereka tetapi kalau (ahli Parlimen) di bandar, mereka perlulah gunakan internet juga untuk mendekati golongan muda ini," katanya.

Deep Tots :
  • Janganlah ketinggalan di dalam soal ini. Pendedahan politik era sekarang telah didedahkan kepada adik-adik kita semasa di bangku sekolah lagi. Setelah di pengajian tinggi, mereka didedahkan dengan lebih meluas dan kritikal.
  • Di Padang Rengas, tiada jalur lebar ke Dato? Atau streamyx belum kesampaian?

Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir:
....Umno perlu mengkaji dan membuat andaian mengenai mengapa golongan muda ini mempunyai minat untuk mendaftar sebagai pemilih.

... pelbagai langkah dan pendekatan sedang diatur secara serius bagi mereaslisasikan proses peremajaan Umno seperti yang disasarkan.

Deep Tots :
  • Seandainya suara golongan muda ini dihormati oleh UMNO, mana mungkin mereka akan menolak. A brotherly approach should be considered.
  • Peremajaan UMNO? Sanggupkah pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO berpeleseran dengan mereka? Yo! Bro Mukhriz, lets jive! Sanggupkah kah Sis Pidah or Sis Jat chat in their forum on the internet?

Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar :

"... Umno perlu mendapat sentuhan golongan-golongan muda."

"... Umno juga harus mempamerkan kredibiliti dan integritinya dengan memberi peluang kepada golongan muda untuk mengambil bahagian dalam parti itu."

"... mengamalkan sikap keterbukaan dan sedia menerima kritikan dan perubahan dengan penglibatan generasi muda"

Deep Tots :
  • Kata-kata tinggal kata-kata... tunggu dan lihat pergolakan dalam UMNO nanti.
  • Sekiranya pak-pak dan mak-mak UMNO tidak berubah dan masih menolak kritikan... sayonara UMNO!

Apa kata Pro UMNO?

Prof. Datuk Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin (UKM) :
"... Mendaftar sebagai pengundi dan aktif dalam politik adalah dua perkara yang berbeza. . Justeru parti-parti politik kini perlu mendekati golongan ini supaya aktif dalam politik."

Prof Madya Dr. Ahmad Nizammuddin Sulaiman (UKM) :
"Orang muda hari ini berfikiran lebih kritis dalam isu-isu seperti hak asasi, keterbukaan dalam pemerintahan, kerajaan yang bebas daripada rasuah dan isu ISA yang menjadi faktor kepada perubahan tersebut."

Dr Azeem Fazwan Ahmad Faruk (USM) :
".... mereka berfikiran kritikal kesan daripada revolusi internet kerana kebanyakan mereka mendapatkan maklumat internet termausk daripada blog."

“Walaupun mungkin ada yang tidak benar (kandungan internet) tetapi mereka cenderung untuk mempercayainya."

"... Kalau mereka puas hati dengan keadaan pada masa itu, mereka akan undi parti pemerintah. Kalau tidak, mereka akan mengundi pembangkang.”

Deep Tots :

  • Teori-teori para profesor... realitinya?
  • Kandungan blog berbagai-bagai begitu jugak rujukan beribu-ribu. Mana mungkin anak-anak muda ini tidak dapat membezakan apa yang benar dan apa yang tidak.
  • Lihat saja usaha RTM yang orang Inggeris kata, 'half past six' untuk menayang sidang Dewan Rakyat selama 20 minit tetapi usaha PAS dan PKR mampu menayangkan sidang Dewan ini setiap hari dan sepenuh masa.
  • Anak-anak muda ini mungkin tidak pandai berkata-kata tetapi mereka tatkala lebih bijak untuk menilai... Jangan sesekali menipu rakyat!
  • Apa kata Dato Seri Anwar, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan Lim Kit Siang.. please say something.
  • Risau... Risau.. BN pasti risau!


Be bold in what you stand for and careful what you fall for...

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 (Bernama) --
Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has asked former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to provide proof that money politics was involved in the race for the Umno deputy presidency.

Deep Tots :
  • Come to think of it, only in UMNO that their Discplinary Board dwells with so much money politics complaints and today ACA Director announced receiving 900 reports from UMNO members due to bribary. To him there is no such thing as money politics, its just plain bribary. Therefore, whats the relevance to Tun M's allegations?
  • Nazri is speaking on behalf of the candidates? Why? A concerned member or just trying to sway away after his flip-flop statement in parliment about those sacked judges. Thanks to Mr Karpal Singh, alert the rakyat on Nazri's flip-flop.
  • Nazri asks for proof, what if the old man managed to proof? From listening comes wisdom, from speaking, repentance... Ready Nazri? The rakyat demand from you.. proof that Tun M's allegations are wrong!
  • No Holds Barred - UMNO still does not get it. They are still in denial mode. They do not know what happened on 8 March 2008. And this is why UMNO will die... Believe it whether you like it or not!
  • Lets share this from Mr Tukar Tiub - Celupar Celupit, Nak undi bagi duit! kah... kah... kah...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


These are the candidates contesting for top post in the next UMNO election in March 2009.

[2nd man candidates - international quality?]

[3rd men candidates - who has more qualities?]

[Women top post candidates - battle of the dilemma?]

[Pemuda top post candidates - bold and $$$?]

[Puteri top post candidates - bold and beautiful and bountiful?]

Deep Tots :

  • Open our ears before our mouth! Stare carefully... look on the inside... thus let us, UMNO or no UMNO, analyse ourselves do these candidates fit the 'WINNING TEAM FOR RAKYAT'.
  • For UMNOs, are your choice the best choice for UMNO's survival or will your choice take UMNO to its nearest funeral? Will UMNo tag along with the rakyat's drift? If they fail to choose and in constant denial for the interest of the rakyat... sayonara!!
  • The rakyat.. we are the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Sabahans and Sarawakians and we are the voters.. are these candidates likeable by all?
  • Blogger Nobisha shared his wise thoughts appeared lately on Astro Awani on this winning team for rakyat ... don't miss a click!


There are three sides of every story ... Mine, Yours and Truth!

Mine - just browse all you can get about this 'Prince of Darkness'

Yours - you can get it here, here and here and more here (even theres debate in my comment column). The best is an analysis from The Darker Side... please do not miss!

Truth - definitely the subject, Mr Khairy! More truth? ... an insights till March.

What do we have to say about the analysis? An insult or I may say, a total insult to our intelligent.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Senario pertandingan ala demokrasi Khairy Jamaluddin... sangat-sangat memberangsangkan terutama di kalangan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia serta disambut baik oleh ahli-ahli UMNO. Demokrasi ini bertepatan dengan slogan kempennya, "SETIA KAWAN".

MalaysiaKini telah memberikan ulasan yang berlaku di Rembau, baru-baru ini;

Sebaik sahaja nama Khairy dicalon, ada perwakilan yang terus membuat cadangan supaya pencalonan ditutup dan disokong oleh perwakilan lain.

Menurut sumber-sumber, ketika itu ramai perwakilan meluangkan nama 'Khairy' tanda penyokong pencalonannya

Ketika itu, seorang lagi perwakilan berjalan ke arah mikrofon dan meminta supaya dibuka semula pencalonan.

Beliau bagaimanapun tidak menyatakan nama calon-calon mahu dicadangkan.

Perwakilan lain yang melihat keadaan itu mula bangun dan menjerit "KJ, KJ, KJ" serta "Pencalonan ditutup, pencalonan ditutup".

Deep Tots:
  • Demokrasi ala KJ yang dibawa dari Oxford.
  • Strategi pertanding ala KJ yang patut digunapakai oleh orang-orang tua UMNO kerana masa tidak terbuang untuk mengira undi. Oleh itu, apa gunanya pertandingan? Majlis Tertinggi UMNO harus menerima baik strategi KJ ini.
  • Cuba kaji semula bahagian-bahagian di mana Khairy menang dengan majority atau sebulat suara. Aplikasi demokrasi ala Khairy pasti diimplentasi dengan penuh "hemah" dan 'setiakaTwanG'.
  • 'NO LAWAN' and 'SETIA KAT WANG' - Modal bertaburan, dulu tidak, kini semestinya dan selama-lamanya. Itulah yang dapat rakyat sinonimkan dengan UMNO.
  • Hidup KJ! Hidup KJ! Hidup KJ! KALAU SAYANGKAN UMNO... PASTIKAN KJ MENANG! Hanya yang lemah sahaja yang akan melakukan proses pemilihan cara begini.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Let us all share this knowledge together for our better judgement, perceptions and nevertheless our confidence towards the Judiciary independence in our homeland, Malaysia., Nov 7th, 2008, 9:46 am
Court frees ISA detainee Raja Petra
Hafiz Yatim

Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin was released from his Internal Security Act (ISA) detention at 3.20pm.

The editor of the popular Malaysia Today website was brought to the Shah Alam High Court just five minutes earlier.

Expressing surprise with the decision, Raja Petra said: "Not many people have challenged the act (ISA) so much and I did not have much high hopes (of being released).

"This application allowed under Section 8 is a special prize. I am tired."

"This showed ISA cannot be used. I hope this is not a political decision. I don't want to be the prime minister. I want Anwar to be the PM," he said.

"We have to fight all-out and get the ISA abolished," he told reporters.

Raja Petra
was greeted by his wife Marina Lee Abdullah and two daughters. Some 50 supporters and friends clapped and cheered when the blogger appeared.

He later left the courthouse with his family in a red Rolls-Royce.

Looking haggard and dressed in a brown T-shirt and jeans, Raja Petra was garlanded by dozens of supporters outside the court before stepping into the vehicle.

This morning, the Shah Alam High Court this ruled that the detention of Raja Petra under the ISA was illegal and ordered his immediate release.

Judge Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad said that Raja Petra's detention was unconstitutional.

He said the home minister had not followed proper procedure under Section 8 of the ISA to issue the detention order against Raja Petra.

The judge also ordered that Raja Petra be produced in court by 4pm
today after which he should be immediately released.

Raja Petra
was being held at the Kamunting detention camp in Perak.

"Now is about 10.30am
, and I think there is enough time for Raja Petra to be released. I do not want this matter to be prolonged as the weekend starts tomorrow," said the judge.

"I thank the prosecution for their cooperation in handling this case and require your assistance to ensure that the order would be carried out."

Senior federal counsel Abdul Wahab Mohammad said he would make the necessary arrangements by 4pm

The release comes more than a month after Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar signed the ISA detention order on Sept 23, although Raja Petra was initially arrested under the Act on Sept 12 at his house in Sungai Buloh.

Reasons for the detention

Raja Petra, 58, had named the home minister as the defendant in the habeas corpus application which sought among others for his immediate release and an order that his detention under the ISA was unlawful.

The minister had stated three reasons for Raja Petra's detention:

  • that he owns and operates the Malaysia Today website;
  • publishing his articles and readers' comments intentionally and recklessly which were critical and insulted Muslims, affecting the purity of the religion and the personality of Prophet Muhammad; and
  • publishing articles deemed defamatory or false concerning Malaysia's leaders, with the intention of undermining public confidence and inciting hatred against the government; the articles are alleged to be a threat to national security.

The articles in question were 'Malays, the Enemy of Islam', 'Let's send the Altantuya murderers to hell', 'I promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim' and 'Not all Arabs are descendents of the Prophet'.

Raja Petra
was represented by counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Azhar Azizan Harun, J Chandra and Ashok Kumar.

Upon hearing the judgment, Marina
broke into tears and hugged her daughters.

Raja Petra's supporters who were wearing black, yellow, green and orange t-shirts with the message 'No ISA' and 'Free RPK' had clapped when the decision was made.

A procedural non-compliance

Syed Ahmad Helmy in his judgment said the court looked into two factors, namely the constitutionality of the Act and whether the home minister acted correctly within his jurisdiction to issue the order.

He said Section 8(b) of the ISA indicated that those issued with the detention order by the minister might not be allowed for judicial review. However, the court could hear such an application if there were instances of possible abuse of powers.

"I agree the formulation of the ISA was to protect the security of the nation and is constitutional. However, the court can review the detention order if it finds instances where the minister could have acted beyond his jurisdiction to issue the two-year detention order.

Syed Ahmad Helmy said there was no relevance for the minister to issue the order against Raja Petra on the basis of 'mala fide' (bad faith).

"Following this, the court finds there is a procedural non-compliance as stated under Section 8(1) of the ISA based on the minister's affidavit.

"Hence the court finds the minister had acted 'ultra vires' (beyond his powers) in issuing the detention order under the ISA section. For example, the minister cannot issue an order if a person has in bad faith decided to colour his hair red.

"Following this, the court is allowing the plaintiff's application and orders for his release," the judge said.

Raja Petra
's lawyer Malik said during submissions earlier that the court has jurisdiction to scrutinise the detention order and to determine if it was made in bad faith.

"This is not a situation like Jemaah Islamiyah or communists. This is just a man whom the government thinks can bring it down to its knees," the counsel had argued.

Wife: A good sign

, when met by reporters, said she had been hopeful but had not expected the decision.

"This is a good sign that the country is changing and I hope that this change will continue," she said.

"I am speechless and satisfied with the decision. I have not taken breakfast and will do so and wait for my husband's return."

also thanked all her lawyers for their effort in securing her husband's release. Their two daughters - Suraya, 34, and Sarah, 19 - were present as well.

Malik told AFP it was the first time a court has ordered the release of an ISA detainee since 1989, when courts were barred from interfering once a detention order has been signed by the home minister.

"It is certainly an historic ruling and a profound moment for civil liberties in this country," he said, while adding that the government can appeal the decision.

This was the second time that Raja Petra has been arrested under the ISA.
He was also detained in 2001 at the height of the reformasi movement triggered by the sacking and jailing of former deputy premier and now Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

However, Raja Petra was released after 53 days in police custody, without being sent to Kamunting.

Other related links :

Detention order unlawful - TheStar online

Govt may appeal against court decision - TheStar online
The candle extinguished today but the words of Voltaire flame on - The Wall

Friday, November 07, 2008


Bloggers and blogsphere won't miss this.. the Raja Blogger is freed today!

With smile and relief... most welcome him back and the following are wishes and details from fellow bloggers;

  • "Don't let my hubby rot inside Kamunting" - Rocky Bru
Further report ... till 4pm today

Deep Tots :

Thanks to the judge whoever you are... The police, hope no further interference... The government, wish this is not your pretentious move! We are still skeptical... still sorry!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


[McCain and Palin]

I lend my ears very closely to listen to the defeat US President candidate - John McCain speaks. This is what had earned my respect for a non-muslim with pure patriotic and humankind spirit.

"We fought — we fought as hard as we could. And though we feel short, the failure is mine, not yours." - John McCain

Despite his defeat, he graciously admitted that;

"In a contest as long and difficult as this campaign has been, his success alone commands my respect for his ability and perseverance. But that he managed to do so by inspiring the hopes of so many millions of Americans who had once wrongly believed that they had little at stake or little influence in the election of an American president is something I deeply admire and commend him for achieving."

[Full text of McCain's concession speech]

Lets see if this happens in our homeland, Malaysia for Prime Minister Abdullah's comment who won the GE12 but lost 2/3 majority and 5 states including his.

"Sabotaj punca prestasi buruk. Kalau bukan keran faktor itu, BN tidak hilang majoriti 2/3" - Abdullah

Therefore, this is the Islam Hadhari image that Abdullah wishes to portray to all Malaysians! Blame it on others but oneself. The ungrateful Abdullah slashed his own party members for his own defeat. Just to retract how ungrateful of this man to his members, lets refresh our memoir to the links below;
  1. UMNO saboteurs - Rocky
  2. BN now stands for Bloody Nasty - JebatMustDie
  3. Kegagalan Barisan Nasional - CheDet
  4. Abdullah Answers Dr Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh's Criticisms

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Obama asked : HOW THIS HAPPENED?
His email to all his supporters :

I'm about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don't want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign -- every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it's time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I'll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing...

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


ABC : Obama has both... Smart and Luck!
WASHINGTON - AMERICANS elected Democrat Barack Obama as their first black
president Tuesday, handing him an historic victory over Republican John McCain, television networks projected.

Mr Obama, 47, will be inaugurated the 44th US president on January 20, 2009

Obama : From the people, by the people and for the people
Americans : Yes we can! Yes we can!

Deep Tots :
  • BN or PR : From the people ... Yes, By the people ... Yes, For the people ... Not sure!
  • The voice of the Malaysians : Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can too! We could.. We should... We would...
  • The spirit of the people for Malaysians - Voice as one against who will deny us!


Scene : Najib presenting his composition in his Form 5 class.

Teacher : Ok, Najib now read your composition...

Najib : Thank you sir, I call my composition today... My Money! At this age, I own 7K in my pocket.. Don't ask how I gain them and don't ask who gave them to me and above all don't ask how I wish to spend 'My Money!"

Anwar : Can I ask on little tiny question, sir?

Teacher : Can your friend ask?

Najib : No.

Anwar : Why not?

Najib : Because its my money!

Anwar and friends : Then go home and read to yourself. Or you just photostat your composition and give to us.

Teacher : Can you photostat them and circulate?

Najib : No.

Anwar : Also no?

LKS : And why not then?

Najib : Because its my money.

Anwar and LKS : So it is your money and not your composition?

Anwar : Ok frens... its his money and why should we stay and listen? Lets leave and watch Obama's race!

Teacher : Najib... your money better don't talk to the class... if not its public money! Anyway, can you please leave your composition on my table since everyone is leaving.

Najib : No.

Teacher : Thats the case. I'm leaving too...

Ibrahim : I'm staying... I can wait... Najib, can it be our money or not?

Najib : Ask Rosie... its her money actually!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


KJ in many moods... Does this depicts him as being demonised or "dibudak jahatkan" as claimed by him exclusively interviewed by MalayMail online

Khairy Jamaluddin says a group of “influential people” in Umno are out to demonise him...

"Influential people" in UMNO :
Serious accusation!
By whom in particular?
Any names Mr Khairy?
Will UMNO agree to this statement?
Can it be by your own Pak Lah?
Or YOU yourself? -
questioned by Rocky

Deep Tots:

  • The full transcript of his comments on these issues and others will be published in Malay Mail tomorrow.... As written by MM. Let us all just wait. A good promo to boost sales for MM...
  • Is this Khairy's desperate attempt to 'cupidised' or 'angelised' or in Bahasa - 'dibudak baikkan' himself.... Lets see how much Khairy could convince us!
  • All I could say is, timing was not right for you. If you wish to compare your timing with Nurul Izzah, should I say, she is the beauty and how could you ooze the beast?

Sunday, November 02, 2008


AgendaDaily berkesempatan menemui seorang anak muda ketika Mesyuarat Agong UMNO Bahagian Titiwangsa.

Pemuda yang dimaksudkan ialah Mohd Nizar yang berusia 30 an ini adalah Ketua Pemuda UMNO cawangan Jalan Daud, Zon Kampung Baru dalam Bahagian Titiwangsa. Bakal bapa kepada dua anak ini, tidak mahu orang ramai atau perwakilan mendekatinya dan tidak mahu diberi layanan istimewa.

  • "Biarlah saya bermula dari sini (cawangan). Saya ingin lalui proses dari bawah... doakan saya."
  • Beliau ingin mengenali UMNO daripada peringkat bawahan bukannya terus ke puncak menggunakan kelebihan kedudukan ayahandanya.
  • "Saya tahu, ini memang unik tetapi bukan advantage... saya kena guna dengan betul, elak makan diri."
  • Ayahanda tidak menghalang beliau terjun ke dunia politik selepas mereka dan keluarga berbincang, "Ayahanda harap saya berfikir sendiri dan tak paksa."

  • Banyak memberi sumbangan kepada rakyat khususnya orang Melayu.
  • UMNO perlu harus hidup dempi masa depan Melayu.
  • UMNO perlu kekal demi politik dan ekonomi orang Melayu.
  • Golongan muda perlu mengenang jasa UMNO dan berjuang memastikan kesinambungan parti itu.
  • Kecewa kerana golongan muda tidak mahu mengenali dan mendekati UMNO sebaliknya menentang dan membenci.
Serba ringkas ulasan temubual oleh Agenda Daily.

Deep Tots :
  • Jom kita perhatikan gambar Nizar secara close-up supaya seandainya kita terserempak Nizar samada di Kampung Baru atau di Jalan Maktab ataupun di Kuala Lumpur, kita tidak akan tersalah menegur.

  • Selamat datang ke dunia politik dan UMNO. Mungkin Adik Nizar bukan baru bergelumang di dalam keluarga politik tetapi masih hijau di dalam berjuang bersendirian.
  • Jawapan kenapa UMNO? Itu memang cara budaya UMNO menjawab. UMNO tidak akan menyalahkan diri sendiri tetapi gemar menyalahkan orang Melayu dan rakyat.
  • Ingin tahu kenapa orang Melayu dan rakyat membenci UMNO? Kami tidak mengenang budi? Sebenarnya, kami tidak membenci UMNO tetapi kami 'KECEWA'.
  • Beza antara orang UMNO dan orang Melayu, antaranya ialah - orang UMNO menuduh tetapi orang MELAYU memujuk, orang UMNO suka mencabar tetapi orang MELAYU suka menjelaskan, orang UMNO suka setia kawan tetapi orang MELAYU suka berkampung, orang UMNO sinonim dengan politik wang tetapi orang MELAYU sinonim dengan politik perjuangan, orang UMNO suka berdebat tetapi orang MELAYU suka bermuzakarah, orang UMNO suka mendabik dada tetapi orang MELAYU suka muhasabah diri, orang UMNO tidak akan mungkin menguasai orang MELAYU tetapi orang MELAYU akan pasti memerhatikan orang UMNO.... OLEH ITU, JANGAN SAMAKAN UMNO ITU MELAYU DAN MELAYU ITU UMNO!
  • Sekiranya Nizar ingin tahu kenapa orang Melayu kecewa dengan UMNO dan ingin kenali UMNO dari peringkat bawah... silalah bersama-sama kami di dunia blog ini. Kami sentiasa mengalu-alukan kedatangan Nizar. Berani berubah untuk UMNO!
  • Good intentions are just not enough, yet to be proven! Selamat berjuang untuk Nizar... we will be watching you and convince us!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Is it already March 31st 2009?

Too bad! Its only 1st November 2008. How Khairy wishes yesterday was March 2009 and till then, he can call himself... THE BOSS!

That is only his wishes but he has already claimed that he is the THE BOSS to Pemuda UMNO todate! He has started to plant, point, voice and challenge his colleagues and obviously he has denied his BOSS, Hishamuddin. This is what Khairy's BOSS has to say,

“Mereka kena meyakinkan saya kerana saya adalah Ketua Pemuda sehingga Mac ini dan ia (debat) tidak akan berlaku sehingga kepimpinan tertinggi Pemuda mengiakannya, jika nak jalankan terus tanpa merujuk atau dibawa berbincang, tuan punya badan kena pikul tanggungjawab sekiranya berlaku sesuatu perkara yang tidak diingini."

A simple translation would be;

"They would need to convince me since I am still the boss till this March and the debate will not take place until Pemuda Supreme Council agrees, if they wishes to proceed and bypass us, should anything goes as not what it seems they will have to take it at their own accord"

Deep Tots : What Hishamuddin is trying convey would be - ITS YOUR FUNERAL GUYS IF THE DEBATES DOES NOT GO AS WHAT IT SEEMS!

Further, Hishamuddin has to emphasized this;

Saya tidak mahu menjejaskan maruah dan imej Pemuda yang telah saya bina selama 10 tahun untuk diserahkan kepada barisan kepimpinan baru,” katanya.

Deep Tots :
  • Therefore, obviously Khairy has delibrately and being his nature to taint Pemuda's image and above all its dignity.
  • If ever Khairy would deny, this is the true color of the Pemuda Chief candidate. One who is too retard to think wisely. In other words, this candidate would made UMNO to its funeral sooner!
  • Good luck UMNO!


(((((((BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM))))))) ... was in my comment column over my posting 'JANGAN CABAR BLOGGERS KHAIRY!

Who is this commentor?

So it comes from 'pro-khairy' clans. Thanks for your interest, in any way!

My first instinct would be, Khairy's clans starts to get edgy over bloggers' articles. But on second thought, I supposed this commentor could misunderstood ''JANGAN CABAR BLOGGERS KHAIRY!' title.

But do I care? Should I be intimidated by that? Nayyyyy .... these clans just crap my style!