Monday, March 21, 2016


In almost each of his keynote address once upon time, Dr Mahathir has never failed to begin with history of the people struggle for independence and especially the UMNO leaders. He would sway his audience to be grateful but above all the ultimate message is they should never forget history and never live as thankless and yet heedless citizen for some especially the Malays has turned to be… MELAYU MUDAH LUPA!

The “Melayu Mudah Lupa” is so synonymous to Dr Mahathir that he even wrote a rhyme to recite it in UMNO general assembly during his presidency. It is a reminder of how the Malays were once oppressed and isolated but today Dr Mahathir wishes that his 22 years premiership should also not be forgotten and demanded that the rakyat should embrace them.

Dr Mahathir is known for creating histories in our nation’s political landscape but until he started to join hands with DAP and in particular Lim Kit Siang to go against UMNO, he has actually awaken more people and especially the Malays whom he thought is still … MUDAH LUPA.

To Dr Mahathir, friends and foes are never permenant in politics but the unprincipled stance was never welcomed by most of his rivals in UMNO. It is just not about politics when it comes to Dr Mahathir’s 22 years as Prime Minister and now all skeletons hidden starts tumbling out of the closet.

To the extend, there are these netizens who cautious others with a long compilations that could be attributed to crime, embezzlement and abuse of power during  Dr Mahahtir’s 22 years tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is therefore not too arduous a task to search for his wrongdoings, for if you want to understand him today, you have to search his yesterdays. Just to pen a note to him that there are still … MELAYU BELUM LUPA and truly is the rakyat awakening.

What are his long lists of scandals? ... Further HERE!

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