Saturday, March 26, 2016


For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right and they simply lie out of habit. This is the standard of opposition leaders we have and are enjoying all the perks as members of parliaments out of public funds.

Even as she was caught making false and slandering statements through her teeth, Nurul Izzah never stops. Even after her open apologies and regrets in court over Raja Nong Chik’s false allegations that affected the good name and reputation as a politician and as a minister as well as his family’s, what
matters is to vilify all out until the reputation is severly damaged in the public’s eyes.

As there was no longer any sense of guilt and regret with her past deeds, Nurul Izzah recently twitted that the government is reluctant to sponsor students to pursue their studies abroad any longer just to save RM240 million. The truth is the 744 students scholarship are not revoked but instead given a bursary scholarships each to continue their studies at local universities. Based on the JPA shcolarship record, the government still continues to sponsor a total of 49,060 students whereby 41,324 are local students and the balance are students abroad.

What is her problem when the government managed to save that RM240 million at this very trying time? Why can’t she get her facts right?  

To link the RM240 million issue to PM Najib Razak’s approvable for Tesla electric cars and questioning its importance, it is as though the Prime Minister  does not practice what he preached when after the 2016 budget recalibrating announcemnt, he should be the first to be prudent in every single ringgit spent.

It is never enough and infact a habit for our opposition leaders to repeatedly use incorrect facts and distort every government statement. It is best that as a responsible and intelligent citizen to always learn to see both sides of the coins before blindly jump into conclusions. These opposition leaders and in particular Nurul Izzah has her record proven that she lied and will continue to lie out of her habit.

Sources : PRU14

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