Wednesday, March 02, 2016


When Dr Mahathir first announced his resignation as President of UMNO, Malaysians were very shocked and there were some who are willing to shed tears. Then, failing to take control over Pak Lah’s administration, he announced to quit UMNO and it gained the attention and concerned of the majority members and as a result, Pak Lah relinquished his presidency in the party.

For the second time and what most considered as his stale tactics, Dr Mahathir declared leaving UMNO once again as it is anticipated and sought by many. This time around it failed to give much impact either to friends and foes as most sees it as Dr Mahathir’s big lost to the uphill battle against Prime Minister Najib Razak.

In politics, the best tactics to oust your opponents is by surprise and with unexpected strategies that no one would even think of it when there is no way it will be counter attacked. But once you repeat the same strategy, it will be a backfire.

Dr Mahathir repeated his phrase as a protest to the President when he once again left UMNO but this sulking old man knew very well he has lost in many ways despite the support from the oppositions. His utmost failure is when he is supported by outdated and heavy baggaged frontliners... Read further HERE

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