Sunday, March 20, 2016


The oppositions seems thankful when Dr Mahathir eventually made it official to join their circles with high expectations to be able to swing Malay and fence sitters votes for them but with a flimsy extra of 2% to 5%.

Figuratively speaking, Rafizi is so confident that Dr Mahathir is paving the way for the oppositions and make their lives easier for the next general election. The same goes to DAP Anthony Loke agreeing to Rafizi’s statement and nevertheless admitting until now his chauvinist party has failed to gain Malay confidence as anticipated, even with the existence of their new party, Amanah.

These two young politicians are actually trying very hard to cover-up the real mess from their own party supporters when Dr Mahathir is well accepted by just a handful of their leaders. Hence, it is not acceptable to their supporters with Dr Mahathir’s formula to court the oppositions in his mission to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak but Barisan Nasional remains the ruling government with an UMNO Prime Minister.

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Anonymous said...

How to save UMNO and BN by associating with opposition. YAA Tun has already burnt the bridge from his end,