Thursday, March 31, 2016


Upon Dr Mahathir’s resignation as Prime Minister in 2003, when Tun Abdullah took over, the long serving political party Barisan Nasional has won the next general election with a landslide victory. Many says that this is a blessing and support from the people are back to BN.

After a term of 5 years Tun Abdullah lead the country, Dr Mahathir returned and started to be active not only politics but dictating his usual temperament in criticising openly his successor. For the first time in our political history, BN lost its two thirds majority in GE 11. Pak Lah eventually relinquished his position to pass on to Dr Mahathir’s choice, Najib Razak.

Dr Mahathir’s comeback appears to be a new hope for BN to regain the Dewan Rakyat majority of 2/3 but it still failed. However, it is more disappointing when Dr Mahathir had aggressively campaigned throughout Malaysia for BN. Some constituencies have been Dr Mahathir’s main focus such as Shah Alam, Gelang Patah and even Pasir Mas and all the three candidates have lost their seats with a bigger majority for the opponents.

There are many factors to BN failure to regain the majority of 2/3, and above all,  the urban voters were marred by Dr Mahathir’s presence who still carries the image of a dictator and an ultra-Malay NGO Perkasa. In other words, the return of Dr Mahathir into UMNO has the slightest contribution and is not able to maintain the 2/3 majority.

In their attempt to take over Putrajaya from BN, the opponents are even fragmented among them. Pakatan Rakyat was dissolved but remain in Selangor and Pakatan Harapan existence with PAS splinter leaders new party are still unable to gain momentum and what more to oust BN especially Umno.

Realizing the support of the majority could not be obtained from majority UMNO leaders and grassroots, Dr Mahathir in his mission to bring down DS Najib Razak, he is almost certainly that all his strategies are at his wits’ end. Dr Mahathir became even more desperate when his son was also eliminated as Kedah Menteri Besar after Muhyiddin and Shafie Afdal was dropped from ministerial team.

Although never denied a private meeting with some opposition leaders, 1MDB ties a knot between Dr Mahathir and several opposition leaders through Claire Brown, a fraudelent writer for them. Dr Mahathir finally had to surface and indirectly acknowledged their secret meetings, after holding hands with Kit Siang and flanked by Azmin and Rafizi.

With the declaration made aimed to save Malaysia from DS Najib Razak’s leadership, but many sees it as Mahathir-Lim Kit Siang declaration pack. Again PKR failed to shine even Azmin was earnestly beside Dr Mahathir.

o reassure their supporters, Rafizi has led Dr Mahathir to their PKR stage to speak a few days ago and this first series was held at Rafizi’s constituency when in the last general election he won with an increased majority. But it was a terrible let down even with the two ‘superstars’ present when the expected thousands audience failed to turn up. We can witness from picutres distributed in the social medias that Dr Mahathir and Kit Siang could not even put on smiles or any cheerful gestures.

Many were said to leave the ceramah much earlier when even towards half of Dr Mahathir’s speech are about recycled statements that as urbanites such informations are accessible from the internet. Until almost the end of Dr Mahathir’s talks, there is still no show of regrets and what more apologies from him to admit his past mistakes to jail their defacto leader.

Tell us, is this the beginning of Dr Mahathir’s jinx to the oppositions?

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