Friday, April 01, 2016


When Lim Guan Eng is almost proven guilty for his bungalow scandal which is a more serious case than Khir Toyo’s, we anticipated that there will be diversion attempts from the oppositions or perhaps the ProTun @ ProKroni.

When we expect it would come from the oppositions, we did not expect the MACC would act to divert them. Regardless of whether the case involved a much greater amount of corruption or not, somehow the MACC was willing to hold a press conference on a Saturday to disclose them by government officers.

However, the issue did not distract rakyat’s attention at all from Guan Eng and DAP since they are very fond for lauding as the anti-corruption champions but alas, they turned to be even worse.

n the issue published by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it is obvious that the same paymaster has their hands landed to SR and WSJ. But, upon their failures to provide substantial evidence instead of doctored stolen informations, they are scrapped off and therefore new media affiliates are in dire need to continue their malice strategies.

With the latest act as thugs by the ABC journos to delibrately create chaotic situation before PM Najib Razak’s press conference, it is very obvious that it was well planned. Thus, when the ProTuns are already conspiring with DAP, of course it is an obligation in every way to ‘i scratch your back and you scratch mine’.

A political analyst did alert us that Dr Mahathir’s millionaire funders will channel a huge amount of money to medias and influencing the public when it was decided in London as per the statement below;

“The group settled on a R 2 billion figure, RM600 million of which was shelled out in worldwide media coverage by a US based lobbyist and Public Relations Group. It seems that the remainder of the fund was used to grease the palms of some Members of Parliament (MPs), local media portals, bloggers, and several other well connected persons closely linked to both Mahathir and Daim”

Therefore, 1MDB issues must maintained to be aired and published to stay relevant.

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