Thursday, March 24, 2016


Dealing with the truth is scary and when you confront a compulsive liar with facts, expect them to be defensive or they will act like the victim of someone who does not trust them. Giving the opportunity to DAP Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (LGE) to come clean over corruption allegations were made against on whether he bought the bungalow at a price lower than market value with no business deal, LGE presented with a rather disputable and even foolish reason.

LGE’s undervalued bungalow at Pinhorn Road was brought into attention in the recent Dewan Rakyat debate by BN Tasek Gelugor lawmaker, Shabudin Yahaya when neighbouring properties are selling at market price for about three times more. The issue not only turned the debate into heated bickering from both sides of the lawmakers but are also discussed in length by the netizens.

In his prompt defence, LGE was said to response with a comical reason that no swimming pool is provided and that is the main reason the bungalow was sold to him at an unusual undervalued price. Some netizen would even turned the issue into mockery discussions when the RM2.8 million mansion is no more a mansion just because it has no swimming pool.

It seems LGE has allocated certain privilages to the seller and once his landlord Ms Phang Li Koon for an underpriced purchase when the latter was linked to the sale of the disputed Taman Manggis land which was half the market price.

This was also disclosed by Penang Gerakan as early as 2012 who claimed that Ms Phang involvement with developer KLIDC that was earlier rewarded a piece of land to build luxury medical centre and hotel suite instead of housing units for the poor that was earlier proposed  during BN government.

Let us see how Guan Eng could wriggle himself out of this and as concerned citizens, we would urge the Anti-Graft buster agencies or NGOs to reopen and seriously investigate this daylight corruption under DAP government without fear or favor. Yes, if Khir Toyo is convicted to abuse his power for such similar case, why wouldn’t Guan Eng be charged?

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