Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The announcement earlier made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on March 17, 2014 that flight MH370 ended in the southern of Indian Ocean is now almost completed in its search and investigations with 99% meet the expectations.

Since its disappearance two years ago, one thing that is certain is that our government’s commitment to continue the search for evidence despite too theory were submitted. These theories has lead to  massive operations involving 26 countries and covering a search and rescue (SAR) area of 2.24 million nautical miles has finally received assurance that MH370 had crashed in a more focused area in the Indian Ocean.

The SAR operations concentrated in the Indian Ocean has yielded the first confirmed MH370 wreckage found in the France Reunion Island within the Indian Ocean in July of last year.

And now the second evidence found landed in Mozambique shore was confirmed by Australian authorities on 23 March. The second proof of the verification process was conducted by the Malaysian team together with seven accreditated experts from different countries. They confirmed that the fragments received are from Boeing 777 flight and matched MH370 colors.

Meanwhile the third discovery was found stranded on the South Africa coast. Investigators are still waiting for approvals from the South Africa authorities to allow these debris to be brought to Australia for further study and thus confirming them.

In his recent statement, Transport Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai believes that MH370 search which focused in the Indian Ocean acrea that was annouced earlier by PM Najib Razak which is based on a flight path in the vicinity of 120 square kilometers, is accurate.

Hence Datuk Liow felt that there is a need to send a team to continue the search within the Mozambique island and South Africa shores too. For now the search area will be more focused in order to complete the quest when all responsible parties still remains hopeful that MH370 will be found since there are still an area of 10,000 square feet unexplored.

Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 12:41 local time on March 8, 2014, with 227 passengers, ten crew members, two pilots and cargo weighing about 14 tonnes. Journey to the International Airport Beijing should take approximately 5 hours 34 minutes.

The Boeing 777 was last contacted through automated transmission system at 1.07 am, flown by captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has spoken to Malaysia air traffic control 12 minutes later handed over to Vietnam control. Zaharie last word was, “Good night Malaysian three seven zero … "

What mysteriously happened next was at 1.21am, halfway over the Gulf of Thailand, the plane disappeared from civilian radar, suggesting its transponder stopped functioning or had been turned off but it could still be seen on military radar. Suddenly it has diverted its flight path and headed back from where it came before heading west when it was detected by military radar in Penang at 1:40.

Notwithstanding the theories raised either from the social media or even from the aviation experts, no question about the investigation team and in particular the Malaysian government unwavering commitments are at their best to determine the real occurance on the disappearance of flight MH370.

The fate of the plane, its passengers and crew shall not remain one of aviation’s biggest unsolved mystery anymore.

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