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In his early days as Chief Minister of Penang and that was 5 years ago, Lim Guan Eng is seen as righteous as a saint who could and would do no mistakes and negligences. What more Guan Eng is always portrayed as championing the rakyat and deemed to never be linked with power abuse and bribery. So that is how some would regard him as ‘Tokong’ and the Malays would also regard him as the caliph among the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

It did not take too long to surface Guan Eng’s true colors and one after another starts to rise soon after war of words between him and former DAP Vice President Tunku Aziz whilst the list goes on. The one person who was once said as championing the plight of the people started to be involved in unscrupulous sales of state land to rich developers to build super priced houses at the expense of affordable homes for the poor.

These days, Guan Eng and wife alongside with his family members are seen with the rich and famous and their parents recent anniversary was celebrated in glamourous glittering styles. His changes are exhibitive and so is his arrogance.

Even among friends and allies, Guan Eng has always wanted to be seen as a manipulative squabbling figure even at trivial issues. Above all, expect sarcastic remarks and name callings against his opponents.

A recent article written by Kua Kia Soong who is the advisor of SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia), has expressed his obvious weary of Guan Eng’s arrogance and contentious attitude and pointing fingures  and blame others mentality. According to Kua, throughout his one and half term as Penang Chief Minister, Guan Eng is very fond to jump the gun and call many personalities as liars and refuse any further explanations.

The most explicit incident given by Kua is when Guan Eng accused the highly respected Penang city councilor Dr Lim Mah Hui as ‘hero with lies’ for not less than seven times in his public statements and infact Guan Eng went to the extend of challenging Dr Lim to tow his car.

With his bully temperament nature, PAS President has been Guan Eng’s major attacks and called him as a liar over religious issues and in particular Hudud law. To Kua, Guan Eng is immature to slur the spiritual leader excessively with hopes to gain urban Malay supports. A very low PAS supporters turnout in recent Bersih 4 rally should be a significant indication to Guan Eng’s rude and unacceptable manners.

Former Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan and Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) executive director Cynthia Gabriel are among Guan Eng’s allies to forwarn him to come clean and should hold responsible to satisfy public’s curiosity or Guan Eng should step aside and go on leave.

What is very surprising is when there are among the Penang DAP members who have come to remind Guan Eng of his position as a government servant and he is subject to the Penal Code and also the MACC Act. As expected most DAP leaders seems lost but are extremely troubled on Guan Eng’s bungalow purhcase that could equate to Khir Toyo’s wrongdoings.

In rebutting the issue from some DAP leaders, they seemed very double standard that they appealed not to be judgemental towards Guan Eng before trial and MACC investigation is concluded eventhough most are clueless to defend him.

It is not a tit-for-tat that BN lawmakers retaliate on Guan Eng’s issue but he has failed to convince the majority rakyat even with his usual publicity stunts. Some of his allies have joined hands to criticise are due to the obvious evidence and realised that Guan Eng is never above criticism when it comes to his own competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) slogan.

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Asaif Barkiya said...

Concussioned.DAP,LGE,CEC and the rest of the members got themselves awe,dumbfounded,mentally hysterical,neurologically breakdown and got their pants down.Almost every hours of daily primetime tv's and blogs seems direly hungry for synopsis and media trials which the masses has been waiting this as a never expected scandal of all time,THE BUNGALOW.Tokong or deity is an idolized subject and tokong never offend its followers neither put its subjects into defensive but this time the subjects has been mentally tormented with its own tokong tokongdoing.Disbelief but yet is believing.The next weeks,months or years will be a complete scene changeover to the tokong and its subject.MACC and the Police will be high on their heel to spur their action pack to deal with once in a lifetime a Tokong commiting Sins and when a Tokong a sinner asking forgiveness from its subjects.The Fallen One.