Thursday, February 25, 2016


The fact that the oppositions from Pakatan Harapan coalition is loosing grip when Sarawakians beginning to realise that these are bunch of just the ‘talking’ rather than the ‘serving’ political representations to them. They only talk but failed to walk for them.

And when Sarawak state election is just around the corner, the oppositions have nothing to offer but desperately in need of lies, slanders and recylced issues. There is too little development issues to crticise when not even one that these opposition representatives could offer and therefore ‘race’ would be their best touch point.

Even so, the oppositions are quite selective in their race sentiments when Sarawakians compromises of huge numbers of local natives. In the last state election, the DAP and PKR have only managed to capture Kuching and Miri where these two constituencies have the most Chinese voters.

It has always been the DAP who are fond in politicising race issues and their usual attacks on BN leaders never left the new Chief Minister alone. Perak DAP Chairman Nga Kor Ming bearing his name on a Facebook page has to stoop so low with the caption altered tactlessly on Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s picture. Kor Ming delibrately included cursing words Balik Tongsan (Go back to China) and Cina Babi (Chinese are pigs) as though it is Tan Sri’s.

There is also another posting that carries; “Before the election sweet, after the election: Apa Lagi Cina Mau? (What Else Do the Chinese Want)” where the the DAP leader has twisted his words and alleged that Barisan would only express their love for the community before election but would turn their backs after they won.

Instead, the Sarawak’s Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s original caption is : “Adenan: Our Government will always treat the Chinese well” expressing his continuous fondness and only had the best interest towards the Chinese community during a special interview with a Chinese daily.

YB Hajjah Nancy Shukri’s 2013 statement on Bumiputra is another slanderous attack victims by these DAP cyberbullies. It is recyled repeatedly even after her lengthy explanation that her statement was interpreted wrongly by a friendly opposition online news portal.

This member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Batang Sadong constituency in Sarawak was approached by their journo to ask; “Does the government have the guts to abolish discrimination policy?” and was asked to specify the question which NEP was the subject.

Nancy’s answer was direct that to her the 30% policy for Bumiputra existed but failed to achieve and for that, to balance the nation economy, sometimes there is a need to be inequal in order to be equal. She gave the instances of a business which will only be successful if there are mass buyers. But what if the potential mass buyers are lacking in their purchase abilities and thus this will result in social disorder such as “stealing”.

This where the journo referred “stealing” to the Bumiputra groups whereas there is no mention of any particular race by Nancy. By writing an article with the title “Bumiputera kalau tidak dibantu, mencuri”, the opposition continously repeating the spinned statement.

Those are the few from many more spiteful messages running in the media social networks from the oppositions with just one intention that is to trigger the Bumiputras in Sarawak displeasure and anger. When the oppositions have nothing substantial to offer their Sarawak voters, slanders and lies will be their best offer in order to demonise BN leaders.

sources : PRU14

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