Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In Lim Guan Eng’s housing policies, it seems that there will not be in any way that young generations in the island can afford to own even a low cost house. Nevertheless, sooner or later these young people will be driven out of Penang. It is even more deplorable when Guan Eng rejected the federal government’s effort to build low-cost houses in Penang for his political interest.

Federal government shceme through Perumahan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (PR1MA) projects for Penang were put on hold until today just because Guan Eng would not compromise on providing commercial amenities for units below RM40,000. In Penang, developers will only provide facilities for housing projects that is above RM150,000.

The Penang DAP state government should also stop deceiving the people when they even linked the proposed land reclamation projects by the state government to the federal standalone low and medium income orientated housing scheme concept. The PR1MA Scheme implemented by the federal government is on federal land.

Kampung Mutiara in Penang is the closest example when DAP regime negelected affordable homes as basic needs. Failing to provide affordable homes for these squatters and when the court has ruled that the land legally belongs to the developer, these squatters not only are now homeless but were forced to leave without any compensation.

DAP continues to harp on what the previous BN administration did but failed to provide the Penangnites any alternatives and imporvements. When Penang voters chose them to take over from BN in the previous elections, this is because they wanted change and they expected DAP to do things differently. Instead, Guan Eng’s administration has obviously continues what the previous BN has done.

With high-rises and bungalows which are beyond the means of the ordinary folk in the island, what is even more saddening is the fact that many people are still crying their hearts out for a decent roof over their heads. It is even worse when the highly inflated housing prices are DAP’s most laudable achivement which has truly denied the young generations ability to own even a low-cost house... FIND OUT FURTHER

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