Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Speculations may also go as wild as the shortcomings in her leadership to the government linked investment company 1MDB IPO failed listing until it was propagandised by local and foreign medias as ‘debt-laden’ and Zeti is seen not done enough to remedy the situation. Should one thing leads to another and rumours may turned out to be true, it is best that Tan Sri Zeti just complete her another 2 months in the office.

Tan Sri Zeti has recently determined that a certain criteria must be met for the new governer in succeeding her position. These criterias were defined by the Bank Negara governance committee as stated in the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 and she specifically emphasized that the candidate should not be from any political linked such as a senator, assemblyman or member of parliament and this include any officer or director of any entity under BNM’s supervision.

Her reasons are quite fair to anyone linked to other companies that may create conflict of interest BUT for Zeti to point out that she did not want any politician to replace her seems quite inappropriate and thus awkward. It is as though the governer position has turned to be a personal belonging.

As such, Zeti remarks has withdrawn attentions to several political bloggers to elaborate on them. In the era of informations are easily obtained in just a click away, Zeti is also no exceptional as their research subjects and articles. But these bloggers seems to do thorough research and their resources are reliable and not baseless allegations... HERE

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