Sunday, February 14, 2016


In politics there is no permanent friends and foes but there is always permanent principle to uphold. Once you have agreed to advocate with the opposite, it is either you are the master or you are just their bell boy.

With the recent support from all opposition representatives to ensure Mukhriz stays as Kedah Chief Minister, a new bell boy for Pakatan is appointed. We can translate from PKR’s president Wan Azizah and DAP’s Guan Eng statement who has given their full support for the status quo. But is it true that all opposition representatives have agreed to support Mukhriz’s position?

With the least number in Kedah state assembly, Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition  has only 7 seats and PAS has 8, where PKR has 4 DAP with 2 and Amanah 1, will PAS reps dance and succumb to Guan Eng and Wan Azizah gluttony demands or adhere to their party President’s request?

As long as Mukhriz stays without his own party generals’ support, can we imagine how much disaster would erupt? If he could not even unite and have any control within his own party leaders, how can we expect that he could even garner the least respect from the enemies. Except, Muhriz is best to function as the oppositions’ bell boy and retain his Menteri Besar seat until the next election... Read further in PRU14

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