Monday, February 22, 2016


When a journo questioned Dr Mahathir for not lodging all his accusations against Prime Minister Najib Razak, his reply was that he has not enough evidence to make such actions. Therefore, many concluded that Dr Mahathir has failed terribly to tell the truth but his supporters would still believe that he is holding his cards until the right time comes.

We can witness that Dr Mahathir is racing against time when every of his attempt to oust Prime Minister Najib meet its dead end and he desperately need to regain his personal pride and arrogance. The latest when he has to witness how his son Mukhriz had to face Kedah UMNO’s leaders no confidence motion after his only internal resources Muhyiddn, Shafie and Ghani were put to rest.

For almost a year, Dr Mahathir’s every allegations were answered well and still he failed to produce any convincing documents even tried by his asscociated locals and foreign medias. It seems that Dr Mahathir is loosing time and his credibility was questioned but now Dr Mahathir has valid evidence to oust PM Najib... HERE!

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