Thursday, May 11, 2017


Oppositions in Malaysia politics are merely about hatred and racism, indeed it will be too difficult to deny that it is a harbinger of danger to unity among Malaysia multi-racial community. Kit Siang and DAP is not just sowing hatred against the Malays but more pronounced when they are also labelled as anti-Islam as well.As far as one can see, Kit Siang and DAP have adjusted their attack strategy against the Malays and Islam in which they no longer openly dash any dissent or objections either in their ceramah and stages or even official statements. However crafty their strategies would be, it is visible.

Words among the media players that Kit Siang and DAP are sponsoring several news portals to incite Malaysians, especially the Chinese community to questioning everything about the Malays and Islam affairs. It is also said within the media circles that DAP’s latest mouthpiece is the Malaysia Insight (TMInsight).

It is thus evident when Kit Siang openly celebrates the existence of TMInsight, a reborn from Malaysian Insider (TMI) and led by its editor Jahabar Sadiq. TMI was aborted when faced with multiple summonses from the government for publishing false news. As such, TMI suffered critical financial problems.

Recently, TMInsight recklessly published an article entitled ‘Governments have no business meddling in Islam, says scholar Kassim’. This article obviously aims to eliminate Article 3 from the Constitution which stipulates that Islam is the religion of the federation.

Among other provocations written and intentionally published exclusively TMInsight are;

“We have to amend the constitution, the federal religion in the constitution must be removed. A government must be just, a country doesn’t have a religion, (only) people have religion.”

“Religion has nothing to do with government officials… they just have to govern collectively and fairly.”

No doubt that this is a personal opinion of a radical stance but when TMInsight granted enough room exclusively to be disseminated, without beating around the bush, it is capable of inciting the public and uninformed readers and not to mention the anti-Islam will be further influenced.

Kassim’s radical views are obviously contrary to the constitution. Without realising them, that would affect everything related to Islamic institutions, including the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court. Make no mistake when provocations such as this would hit on the role and position of the Malay Rulers too.

When there is a group of people and further supported by the opposition bloc such as DAP to remove Article 3 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, nor should we be complacent that this is the first step towards establishing Malaysia a secular republic.

Is this not the ultimate goal for DAP to realise their Malaysian Malaysia? Is it not true what has been said that they are obviously anti-Malay and anti-Islam?

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