Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Disparaging and demonising PM Najib Razak’s administration is his prime task, lest we forget that it is his own admission to the rakyat as he is now in the opposition bloc. Either it is baseless or mere wild allegations, they do not matter anymore as long as he could agitate the people. But the question is, who is actually impacted? In his latest writings, Dr Mahathir ventured to raise once again the repeated question on how the world will respect Malaysia when too much damage done by PM Najib Razak’s administration.

Dr Mahathir began with the level of corruption in the country and claimed that Malaysia is in its top ten most corrupt countries in the world. Like a broken record, he assumed that the world disputed our authorities reports on 1MDB and the Saudi-Arabia’s donation to PM Najib. But as usual, Dr Mahathir failed to link his claims with any reputable world corruption index resources but his supposed facts turned out to be repeated lies.

Should Dr Mahathir is too lazy to check the 10 most corrupt countries in the world, the rakyat themselves would correct him that in the latest report by CNBC, Malaysia did not appear in the list except mentioning Somalia, South Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau and Venezuela. A similar reporting came from The New York Times and the Independent UK early this year.

Perhaps Dr Mahathir would peep into ranker.com and hopefully, there is little sense of shame for deceiving his readers, when Malaysia is not even in the top 100 as the reporting is based on Transparency International’s report.

As he went on to incite his readers and questioned if there is anything left for the world to respect about Malaysia, Dr Mahathir who is carrying out his duties as a “pariah-class” opposition leader, deliberately missed these out;

a. In 2013, Japan PM Shinzo Abe and Canada PM Steven Harper have visited Malaysia while Malaysia marked its historical first visit welcoming President Xi Jinping of the Republic of China for a three-day official visit. Feel free to question Dr Mahathir why there is not even a single sitting China President has ever visited Malaysia during his 22 years premiership.
b. Malaysia had a hiatus of almost 50 years without a U.S. President visiting Malaysia but in April 2014, President Obama marked his first visit. Later in December 2014, they were both golfing in the United States. In the same year, Malaysia won a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that from 192 countries, 187 voted for Malaysia.
c. In mid-2015, British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Malaysia and the world witnessed US President Obama’s second visit to Malaysia.
d. 2016 PM Najib fulfilled a special invitation from President Xi of the Republic of China and witnessed inked agreement of RM144 billion loans and investments into Malaysia. Later, he visited Japan and Malaysia was presented with two patrol boats.
e. As the economist predicts that Malaysia economy will expedite to excel thus maintain as the 8th fastest growing GDP growth in the major economy country in the world for 2017, HRH King Salman of Saudi Arabia invested RM31 billion for Pengerang project. Once again we need to be reminded that no Saudi King had ever visited Malaysia during Mahathir’s regime.
f. Within the first quarter of this year, after King Salman’s visits, came along French President Francois Hollande and the latest Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito makes a five-day official visit to Malaysia. In March this year, PM Najib and his ministerial entourage were in India upon Prime Minister Modi’s invitation that inked historic deals of RM157 billion with RM142 billion of projects to be implemented in Malaysia.
If what Dr Mahathir claimed that the world has no more respect and trust for the country under PM Najib Razak’s leadership, we have more to show off. BAR and Young & Rubicam has recently voted Malaysia as the best country to invest and the same remarks came from Jack Ma of Alibaba.

As rational citizens, judge for ourselves and ask, why are these prominent world leaders willing to come to Malaysia and welcome him to their countries? Why would they believe in PM Najib’s administration to allow investing into our country? Should Dr Mahathir is no longer able to work together to ensure the success of the country and for the people, just because you are embittered with your unfulfilled personal interests, the rakyat’s chances to join in the nation’s growing success is precluded.

In fact, it is you who have position yourself as a liar and it will not be too extreme if the rakyat starts to regard you as a rascal to the state.

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