Thursday, July 06, 2017


It has been for decades that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) eyeing for any angle possible to overthrow the UMNO-led government and today even the US politicians admitted that WSJ is selling fake news. For that, Malaysia has extensive experience in disengaging and filter out false news, politically motivated lies and spinning news that is published by the WSJ.

To no surprise, this Israeli-owned mouthpiece aims at UMNO-led government and their leaders for supporting the development of the Malays and other races in the country. WSJ intends to impose their own extreme liberal secular agendas in Malaysia and has shown blatant favoritism towards the opposition since at least 19 years ago.

Make no mistake that WSJ also is an avid supporter of the illegal Iraq war that has destroyed the Middle East, the nation and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and they are directly responsible for the rise of Daesh but as usual, WSJ refuses to take responsibility for their fake news.

Regrettably, many around the world are unaware of the WSJ dirt that works. Malaysia is not alone in discerning their dirty works and apparently many US politicians have come forward to disclose them.

Distortions and twist of facts are words that are often associated with the WSJ. The Democratic senator, Al Franken has clearly slammed WSJ and considered them as deliberately spinning and distorting issues. The Huffington Post has accused WSJ to intentionally misrepresent information to provoke war and economic sanctions on a particular nation. The American Center for Progress also accuses WSJ of knowingly misinforming.

To Salon Magazine, WSJ will initiate a ‘character assassination’ on anyone who refuses to submit to their will. As for Raymond Dalio, an American investor and a philanthropist, he depicts WSJ distortion reports as intentional that it is such an epidemic of sensationalism and commercialism.

Too many people believe in rumors and fake news, and this is what is required to WSJ. WSJ has become a propaganda channel and a vehicle for the oppositions to discredit the government. It has been for too long that WSJ peddling fake news provided by the individual who prefers to see their own country destroyed for their own political interests.
Malaysians must listen to the voices of Americans who perceived WSJ as the false news broadcaster who will deliberately ignore facts in pursuit of their own political party agenda.

As we have long been talking about and knew who are among those leaders in the opposition bloc collaborating with WSJ, do we need to continue trusting and be influenced by their fake news reportings? Do we wish to let the nation’s future to turned into Iraq, Egypt and Syria which are now destroyed by their dirty works?

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