Monday, July 03, 2017


Dr Mahathir is still as he used to be even now that he is in the opposition bloc with only one parliamentary seat when making decisions, he will be despotic and always want to be seen with veto power.In the principles of democracy, the party that dominates parliament is eligible to be considered as a candidate for PM. As UMNO has 88 seats in the Barisan Nasional, 13 other component parties will determine the seat distribution and position based on the decision of the meeting.

Article 43 (2a), the Federal Constitution clearly states that the Prime Minister shall be appointed from among the members who have the confidence from majority members of a leading party. PPBM holds only one seat. In any case in the history of the democratic parliamentary system in the world, a party with one seat will be the Prime Minister can only be found in Pakatan Harapan.

Worst still when the opposition shadow cabinet is discussed and later determined in their supporters comments in Malaysiakini. As such, this is not a coalition of democracy but an anarchist alliance.

Zaid Ibrahim of DAP who suggested Dr Mahathir to the Prime Minister post would be a laughing stuff when this former PM is representing a party that has only one parliamentary seat. His suggestion is rather emotional than rational. Perhaps Zaid conveniently unaware that Dr Mahathir is not popular among Pakatan Harapan leaders.

In fact in the upcoming general election, PPBM is expected to be given the least seat when even their members’ total number are kept a secret.

PM Najib Razak is correct to state that it is absurd for PPBM to run for the premiership as they only have one seat as compared to DAP who has the most with 37 seats and followed by PKR with 29. Even PAN holds 5 more seats than PPBM.

When Anwar Ibrahim eventually withdraws himself as PM candidate for Pakatan Harapan, the opposition blocks becomes increasingly haywire and confused. Zaid who is overly excited did not wait too long to continuously promote Dr Mahathir and thus a new shadow cabinet is produced.

Without any meetings or discussions among fellow party components leaders, Zaid just went out with the new shadow cabinet. On what basis and astuteness did Zaid refer to? What the rakyat can conclude, it was just a show off rather than being serious.

The race to name the candidate for the Prime Minister resulted in an unpleasant position and a split among fellow components. That is the very reason why most PH leaders refuse to respond. They are simply fed up.

This is the greatest problem with the opposition block when their crucial internal problems are taken lightly but other party affairs and issues became their utmost interests. Can the rakyat rely on them?

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