Sunday, July 02, 2017


It is not as if when an accusation was thrown at Dr Mahathir he would be silent but for Daim, we do not expect any response from him as he is known not to be in the spotlight but rather the hidden hands. The secret that Syed Saddiq leaked to 3 exco Armada PPBM was revealed by Raja Petra in his news portal Malaysia Today has now entered more than 48 hours.

An indictment that Tun Mahathir Mohamad is willing to pay USD 5 million to the Clinton Foundation solely for his political gains and agenda; namely for the US DoJ to announce on a civil suit against 1MDB’s stolen assets are true, it is thus a serious crime and a betrayal to the nation when the prime intention is to oust a democratically elected Prime Minister.

1MDB is no longer an issue as the alleged stolen money are verified by PAC and 1MDB itself as not true. If we blame 1MDB for its bad and incompetent management, it is acceptable. But it is certainly absurd to implicate PM Najib for all the messes when he is not even the decision maker or the cheque signatory.

In the Malaysia Today disclosure, the recent US DoJ announcement was planned and led by Dr Mahathir and Daim that a handsome amount of USD 5 million was contributed to Clinton Foundation.

They have even planned the subsequent measures once the issue explodes whereby statements after statements from the opposition quarters will fill the media space and in particular as Syawal is arriving, all Muslims will be served with this recent hot topic as the main dish instead of ketupat and rendang.

This exposed conspiracy plot proves that Dr Mahathir is funding foreign parties for his political interests, but we still have doubts from which sources he earned the money? Is the money from his billionaire children or his own hard income which he accumulates himself during his so-called ‘clean’ administration or perhaps that money are forced from his cronies?

Next, is this how Dr Mahathir and the opposition block claims to save Malaysia?

At least Dr Mahathir and Daim will defend his Ketua Armada Syed Saddiq after lodging a police report against Raja Petra. Alas, both are still keeping dumb. 

However, no statement comes from PPBM too. In fact with such allegation, then all the claims from the Armada Exco on Dr Mahathir’s wealth and his children are now been answered.

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