Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Some colorful articles for us to ponder so we can always stay cool for more drama from our clowns. Enough is never enough for these clowns and it seems the circus is getting busier and the show is more chaotic.

When it ever ends? Never!!! Every other day ... these clowns have good plots for the nation. Its all up to the rakyat now to justify whats best for us.

One thing for sure... the rakyat always need fresh plots from these clowns. Repeated dramas are so predictable... ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

The S Word – a guide to the Malaysian ASS - Read more
Malaysia Today,Posted by labisman
Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Something t
hat cries out Seeeedaaap, when it's in action? The S-word seems to be our nation’s greatest Sin, far outshining crime, corruption and cancelation of Penang projects (promised by the PM just last March). And of course, this is one Sin which ONLY Anwar seems to be guilty of in the whole of Malaysia.

What about the thousands of gay m
en in our country? We anxiously await our eminently ethical leaders to announce, just as President Ahmadinejad of Iran did last September, that homosexuals officially DO NOT EXIST in this clean and holy land of ours.

The last time certain powerful people used the S-word against Anwar, it backfired badly. That’s like saying it farted right back in the face of the people which had accused Anwar of banging the driver Azizan in some condos called Tivoli Villas. But alas, the prosecution team (one of them is now the Attorney-General!) was so Stupid that they didn’t even realise construction workers were still banging cement, pipes and wires into the condo at the alleged time! And thus they ended up having to change the date of the alleged crime twice to “fit” Azizan’s unreliable testimony!

Filem: Sodo Mee Part Two
Malaysia Today,Tuesday, 01 July 20082

Betul-betul Filem Melayu. Turun lokasi dulu kemudian baru buat skrip dan cari pelakon extra. Kah kah kah. Filem kita berwajah kita. Hidup PDRM... oops Hidup FINAS.

Alamak gua dengar filem Sodo Me karya Brad Pittail akan di buat lagi. Sodo Mee Part 2 ini akan dibuat dengan lebih gempaq. Gua dengar dengan sahih si pengarah Brad Pittail sudah mulakan penggambaran. Iklan-iklan telah bocor di akhbar-akhbar. Pelakon utama telah ditemui.
Dengar-dengar nya filem Part Two ini amat gah TETAPI lokasinya masih belum di tentukan. Inilah standard filem Melayu. Leceh. Kata nak buat filem gempaq. Lokasi pun belum jumpa. Bila di tanya Brad Pittail di mana lokasi tempat Sodo Mee terjadi, dia berkata: lokasinya berlaku di dalam kondo di Jalan Pantai, di kondo di Jalan Bangsar dan di kondo Damansara dan terus ke kondo Segambut. In best punya Sodo Mee beb. Makan tak habis.

Penonton berfikir....mustahil hero kita yang baru berumur 23 tahun, tinggi 6 kaki tidak dapat menendang bakal peliwat yang sudah berumur 60 tahun. Kenapa tidak ada struggle dalam adegan ini. Patutnya ada dialog – ‘ ciss orang tua 60 tahun....jangan liwat bontot aku jika kamu tidak ada Ky Jelly...’ Kah kah kah. Filem kita berwajah kita.

Orang ramai telah mula bercakap tentang skrip filem Sodo Mee Part 2 ini. Kegagalan skrip ini sudah nampak jelas. Kalau skrip ini gagal satu lagi krisis pasti akan timbul. Matt Madey tuan punya skrip original akan bertindak menyaman pengarah filem ini. Saman akan diajukan kerana filem Part Two ini telah memalukan Matt Madey penulis asal skrip ini.

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