Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pak Lah.. You are so out of touch. Why Wait?

Pak Lah’s recent announcement on July 11 2008 that he will step down in 2010 has been a hot topic across the nation. It is so questionable and doubted by the rakyat, even a makcik from a village would just smile cynically for Pak Lah has been branded as the ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister in Malaysia history.

Reported by Malaysian Insider – Abdullah Upset by The Negative Perception. Why should Pak Lah be upset? You introduce to us that Practise and Preach are two different spellings. The ‘Mr Clean’ politician was tarnished and damages and more damages are done under your administration. How much you really care for the rakyat and therefore we don’t really care whatever that pops out from you. Sorry Pak Lah, its nothing personal its just politics. You wish to play the political game with the rakyat… but the rakyat play by your track record. You are just out of touch. Some would say, whenever a politician promises heaven on earth, EXPECT HELL!!!

Why should the rakyat be upset? Enough is enough for us, two years is too long and don’t you get our drift? We are in need of leaders not politicians to govern the country… YOU ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH.. WHY WAIT?

Look at the brighter side what they have to say;

Tun Mahatihir , “Najib will never become PM.” …CLICK FURTHER

Muhyiddin said, “Some have expressed concern that if the duration is that long the situation will not become more convincing. This needs to be taken into account," …CLICK FURTHER

Ku Li said, “Party members should be the ones deciding the next president of the party” …CLICK FURTHER

Anwar Ibrahim poured scorn on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's plan to hand over the reins to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2010 …CLICK FURTHER

Lim Kit Siang ,"Can Abdullah achieve anything in carrying out national reforms before the end of the Ninth Malaysia Plan in the next 2 years when he had failed so dismally in the past 5 years?"

Sallahudin (PAS), “We are confident that this plan will create uneasiness and restlessness within Umno …CLICK FURTHER

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