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Are Malaysians been fooled over and over again? Dr Osman close to Anwar and Saiful went to him.. The plot is even more thicken than the Da Vinci code... My conscience is clear so far that DSAI is one great master director after all...

Is this a coincidence? The articles below could at least lead the nations to a certain explanations.

Thanks to the technology, informations are just at our finger tips... Someone out there, please tell us more!!!

The Osman Conspiracy?
Posted by: samcwpen

The plots thicken and there does not seem to be an organisation that is not a part of the magic tricks.

After my post, I could not help but look for more information as to who this good Doctor is. Lo and behold, I find that he is a registered medical practitioner who has been practising in Malaysia for the past 15 years, although he is only fully registered for the past three years.

Doctor's Registration, Malaysian Medical Council

The interesting facts found is that Dr Hamid is a Burmese Muslim who has worked for three years at the Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of South East Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP) organisation from 1993 to 1995.

Doctor's Registration, Malaysian Medical Council

Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP)

Coincidently, Anwar was also one of the Supreme Council members in this organisation (RISEAP) at around this period of time.

Islam in Malaysian Foreign Policy

Anwar also attended the "2nd World Peace Forum" on the 17th June 2008 in Jakarta. The other attendees from Malaysia were Abdullah Muhammad Shafiq Ong, Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP).

The Second World Peace Forum

After Working for RISEAP, he went to work in Sarawak for four years before coming back to work in Kuala Lumpur. His current registration details are as follow:



Current Registered Practise (2008):

Hospital Pusrawi s/b
Lot 149, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Can anyone clarify the relationship between Dr Mohamed Osman Hamid and Anwar Ibrahim, especially when they were both active at RISEAP in the early 1990's and late 1980's?

Can anyone also comment if Saiful has any connection with Dr Hamid, at RISEAP or at University Malaya, where he later worked for another 5 years between 2003 and 2007?

Clearly, Anwar is a man of many talents and many powerful friends, including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the US State Department, the World council of Mosques and RISEAP.

It makes one wonder how far does the conspiracy go and what his true intentions are, as he successfully continues to court and win over the public opinion of not only Malaysians, but the world at large, with his pretty but vulnerable and shy "bride" routines.

It just makes me sick, watching all this play-acting.

If there is one thing I hate the most, it is in being treated like a mushroom. Kept in the dark, and fed lots of bull-shit!!!

I rest my case.

Hidup Malaysiaku!!!

Have a peep at this video .... Wan Azizah terkedu, Nurul Izzah to the rescue (inJebatMustDie blog)


Small Talk said...

Let me feed the mushroom with another bullshit.

Saiful is a tool to clear Anwar's name for the 1998 case. Whilst the Court acquitted Anwar of the charges, ALL the Judges (from the High Ct, Ct of Appeal and the Federal Ct)conclude and agree that there was homosexual activities between the complainant and the accused.

Anwar did not sodomise Saiful. The medical report will show. Thus Saiful is making a false allegation which will mean its just a political conspiracy. If it is political conspiracy now, the one in 1998 must be a political conspiracy too!
See the bullshit? And who is bullshitting?

Anonymous said...

well u really show the proof that they knew each other and so on, but Anwar is known to have a lot of friends...

the thing that I really didn't see is your proof where Anwar use his relationship to "mastermind" somewhat of conspiracy...

let me tell you what, every doctor has his or her own practice code, doctors cannot simply do things that they want...

the written report from pusrawi looks convincing enough that certain ppl has to come up and said it was a fake...a fake document is a fake the first time u see it...u don't have to tell it...