Sunday, July 13, 2008


Malaysia's Economy Stable, Says Abdullah(Bernama)

Congratulations to you Pak Lah and not forgetting Tok Pa too. I do pray that you guys are not corrupted! You have all the intelligence in Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture. Yet you have spent foolishly the Malaysian taxpayers’ money in procuring rice for the country.

Do you know that the country has lost RM120 million for your misconduct! Why do you guys be influenced by the Thai PM in planning the country rice stock-pile for the future to a volume of 500,000 metric tones? "HE IS JUST A PROFESSIONAL CHEF".

Why must you stockpile the rice for 5 months? What is your justification? Why not 2 months, 3 months or 4 months? What’s your strategy and what is your basis of calculation?

Look here! On the average, each human consumes 160gms of rice a day and with the estimated population of 30millions, we consume about 150,000 metric tones of rice a months. Of which, the domestic production contribute about 100,000 metric tones a month and there was a calculated deficit of 50,000 metric tones each month.

Please revise back your elementary text book which states that Malaysia produce paddy twice a year. And based on that simple mathematics, we need to stockpile only at most 300,000 metric tones a year. So, what is that extra 200,000 metric tones for?

Hello Pak Lah and Tok Pa. Are you guys’ qualified professional economics? Don’t you guys have intelligence in your Government machinery?

Can’t you guys plan your strategy well for the country and yet I found that, it was always the "PANICK BUTTON" that becomes your favorite choice.

You have lock the price of about USD 950 per metric tone and now the price have gone down to about USD 750 per metric tone - Thai 100% grade B was offered steady at $760-$820 PMT, FOB, 5% broken at $740-$810 PMT, FOB and parboiled 100% sortexed at $790-$850 PMT, FOB. (Sources :

Earlier as reported in TheStar Online, May 14, 2008 as Dato’ Mustapa declined to reveal how much was paid to Thailand, the largest exporter of rice.... READ FURTHER

It was reported earlier that Malaysia wanted to pay US$850 (RM2,730) per tonne of rice while Thailand insisted it should be based on the market value of about US$1,000 (RM3,213).

What is the verdict then?

Malaysian taxpayer cough out for about USD200 (MYR 600) for each tonnage that you purchase and your contract with Thailand is 200,000 metric tone.

A total of MYR 120 million has gone down to the drain. Will you still keep on continuing to purchase the balance of 300,000 metric tones? Oh, what a f***!!!

Hey look here! Contract was about to sign with the Thailand boys for the first 200,000 metric tones. The world is releasing their stockpile in the mean time.

These are the facts. India to release 1.1 million metric tones to Africa, Japan handing over 200,000 metric tones to Philippines, Vietnam as second biggest exporter to lift their ban in July, Cambodia very eager to trade and you guys did not consider well, but stupidly decided to agree to buy 500,000 metric tones and lock the price for the first 200,000 metric tones.

Deep Tots:
Stable economy as claimed by our PakLah... and lost to Thailand's deal... Is this his term of economy stable?


Anonymous said...

I personally think Pak Lah is incompetent. I don't think he is capable of managing a nation especially the economic as he has been flip-flopping a lot for the last year or so.

mantra-indeeptots said...

Ask the UMNO members
They share the same thoughts...

BenHafiz Abdul Aziz said...

WTH... this is called belajar tinggi2 then bodo tingkat2..

mantra-indeeptots said...

Buai laju2 sampai cucur atap
Dah lah tak baca buku
Dok ranap duit rakyat

prachai said...

I don't think you should say it is a loss.

Trade between neighbouring country is normal. If you say this is a loss, then the Thai will say it is a loss to their economy too when they import too much palm oil from us.

You got to work through the math a bit.

The stockpile is a conservative measure, just in case the situation goes bad. So, it didn't turn bad, that's great. It's like buying insurance. Do you buy it and make a lot of noise when you don't get an accident?

Sure they got our Ringgit, but in the end they will have to use them to buy back Malaysian products. The money flows back to manufacturers here.

People also cry foul when foreign workers send money home. But the point is, our country is bound to regain these money (in terms of demand for our products and services).

I however, disagree with their plans to produce rice in Sarawak and Sabah. This is a knee jerk reaction that is very suspicious. They probably want to use it as an excuse to log the forests. There are so many abandoned sawah land in West Malaysia. They should rejuvenate these first.

It's good to start learning about these economics things. Many times, perception is misleading.

mantra-indeeptots said...

Most issues has to start with perceptions.. soon facts reveal. This is the game our government theatrate with the rakyat.

Soon, actual figures reveal n believe me its reliable sources

Mohd Nadzri Kamsin said...

Tok Pa involve in this kind of scandal?

mantra-indeeptots said...

He is obviously the Minister of Agriculture... so shouldn't him?

Anonymous said...

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