Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It is not for his first time and it is again repeated in his recent statement as the UMNO President that he shall fight his political nemesis to the end. Today he has made it clear that the very reason he is more than willing to face them is because he has one ‘pantang’, that is anyone who betrays UMNO struggle is his abstinence.

Malaysians are rich in their culture and the word ‘pantang’ is understood by all walks of the rakyat that some would consider it as a stern warning when others would cross a certain limits of relationship and perhaps this ‘pantang’ word also applies to health treatment when anyone failed to comply to its prescriptions, they can expect taboo.

The Malays, Chinese and Indians and perhaps other races too believed in their own social ‘pantang’. For instance to sweep your house on the eve of a celebration is a ‘pantang’ when this could prevent prosperity to their homes. Some would go to the extend believing in feng shui related to numbers when the chinese abstained from number 4 that carries the meaning of death and bad luck whereas others would try to avoid from associating them with number 13 which could have the similar impact of being unlucky.

They say that the worst thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies but the trusted ones. Therefore every Malaysians who are very familiar with the word ‘pantang’ and understood well what PM Najib meant when he said that there will be no retreat and surrender against Dr Mahathir’s and Muhyiddin’s betrayal, thus that contained in his pantang.

PM Najib has proven to UMNO members that in his 40 years, not once he has double-crossed the 3 previous party presidents lining from the late Tun Husin Onn, Dr Mahahtir Mohamed and Pak Lah that being supportive and loyal is the milestone to UMNO struggle and it is therefore essential and expected.

For 22 years, Dr Mahathir was bombarded from all corners including the foreign medias and leaders and yet everyone in UMNO stood beside him where PM Najib Razak is not excluded. PM Najib’s loyalty to the President was first tested when Dr Mahathir faced his greatest challenge from Ku Li that he almost lost the party presidency election, yet Najib chose to support him.

Next, when PM Najib’s previous boss from the youth wing Anwar Ibrahim who was asked to leave UMNO, he stood loyal with Dr Mahathir eventhough UMNO lost its popularity among the Malays and that was the first time when US has openly insulting the sovereignty of our nation and most unfortunate it happened in our own home ground. Najib still supports Dr Mahathir.

PM Najib was in great dilemma when Pak Lah received Dr Mahathir’s criticism and certain leaders in UMNO vocally requested the latter’s resignation. During the time, on one hand Najib was Dr Mahathir’s blue-eyed boy and on the other, he is the second man in the party and government. He was loyal to UMNO and Pak Lah and did not abandon them.

Today, it is very unfortunate for UMNO leaders and members when they are witnessing the acts of treason in daylight from their former President Dr Mahathir and the former Vice President Muhyiddin Yassin. Both are collaborating with the oppositions and both are allowing foreign medias to throw lies and slanders against the President.

Dr Mahathir was proven lying twice for all his baseless accusations when first, he admitted that he possessed no evidence and second when Ling Liong Sik’s attempt to dismiss a defamation suit by PM Najib, Kuala Lumpur high court confirmed that Liong Sik’s argument with Dr Mahathir’s blog articles are mere hearsays and unreliable.

During his last office as the deputy to Prime Minister and party president, Muhyiddin has made himself obvious as a non-team player in the ministerial line-ups and in UMNO supreme committee. He had his platform to question any differences or doubts instead he went public to find answers and pathetically, his fallacies relied on assumption reportings.
Earlier he admitted he would not understand on the 1MDB discrepancies and had to rely on the Edge reportings but it is laughable when even his colleagues in the cabinet and his party could refute his accusations with a more convincing explanations. Obviously Muhyiddin is only interested to find faults rather than solving them.

PM Najib took the opportunity to recall how Melaka was collapsed to foreign powers Portuguese, Dutch and the British for more than 700 years. The collapse was caused by only one insider to betray the nation. For that, PM Najib alerted UMNO members to remain loyal to the party or pay a very high price of not only loosing power but our nation’s prestige and dignity will aslo be on sale.

From his 40 years track records in UMNO, PM Najib has shown the true meaning and the price for being loyal and obedience. No leader in the world would appreciate betrayals and no organisation could last with any act of treachery. What Dr Mahahtir and his team did are clear treason to UMNO and the nation. For that, their dismissals are appropriate and Najib’s ‘pantang’ is justified too.

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