Friday, August 12, 2016


After all his efforts to subdue PM Najib Razak to his lust and greed reached a dead end, Dr Mahathir had to swallow the reality that this country is made up of civilized and principled rakyat where a Prime Minister is elected and not appointed through an election. This country prospers from the rakyat’s majority consensus who have elected PM Najib Razak as their Prime Minister through a democratic process and would never compromise anymore of Dr Mahathir’s dictation.

A general election is a democratic process that is always preferred and honored by Barisan Nasional (BN) in leading the government since independence. Similarly, the existing opposition parties have never failed to abide with the electoral process in this country and so should Dr Mahathir and his anti-Najib team.

Eventually, Dr Mahathir will be registering his new political party to join the healthy general election process and agreed that this civilised nation would not succumb to the idea of any coup from street demonstrations, political and media talks or merely any baseless allegations. It seems that Dr Mahathir has no choice but to allow a healthy democratic process to take place.

After caught in his most embarassing attempt with the 1 million Deklarasi Rakyat’s signatures and his collaboration with the opposition parties did not work well, Dr Mahathir realised that he has to go solo.

Lim Kit Siang failed to convince DAP members whereas Wan Azizah succeeded to hinder Dr Mahathir from manipulating PKR and PAS has made themselves obvious to reject his idea that Dr Mahathir left with no choice but to launch a new party. This is what happens when each respective political leaders have different objectives and strategies even though their ultimate is to go against the ruling party.

Dr Mahathir was successful to subjugate Pak Lah to his wishes when after a massive rally against the latter’s leadership in Hotel Singgahsana in 2009, a week later Pak Lah stepped down and honorably passed the baton to PM Najib. But unfortunately for Dr Mahathir today, it has been since almost 3 years but PM Najib Razak still remains in power. Infact, PM Najib has proven the rakyat support for him rose in a landslide victory in both Sarawak election and the twin by-elections for Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.

Being overly confident based on his previous unchallenging attempt to oust Mr Clean Pak Lah, Dr Mahathir was surprised by Mr Gentleman Najib Razak that it will not  be as easy as he anticipated. This time around we can see that Dr Mahathir is going for broke. His desperation mounted when all his resources and strategies are thwarted and crashed.

From being the darling of both local and foreign medias every minute, having to sleep with opposition leaders, demonising PM Najib and his family, attempting to disunite UMNO leaders and grassroots and last but not least, conspiring with high government authorities, it has been years and yet produced nothing promising.

The last resort would be to face the reality that there will be no other acceptable platform to change the Prime Minister except through the rakyat’s consensus in the next general election. Indeed this has proven that Dr Mahathir has failed in his attempts with his usual autocratic style. It certainly is a victory for the majority rakyat telling Dr Mahathir that they will not compromise with his conspiracies and learn to respect their choices.

Thanks to Malaysians for showing Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz that the Prime Minister is the choice of the majority of the people and not at the instance of a former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed. Thanks to the people of Malaysia too for telling Dr Mahathir that he has no right to dictate what should and should not be done anymore for he was given his ample time to orchestrate Malaysia.

As dignified and a true gentleman as their President is, BN and UMNO will face its rivals in every democracy process through the polling box when the time comes. Dr Mahathir’s new party is not the first to be BN’s rival but rest assured that it is their first time to fit in the opposition pact to work alongside with ultra-kiasu DAP and endless infighting PKR.

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