Monday, August 08, 2016


Please be certain about this, Dr Mahathir will not and shall not go for any less than as the sole decision maker in any organisation or business deals. In politics, he is well known for his iron fist style of controlling Barisan Nasional and the recent almost paralyzed national car Proton, he is fond of intefering in every single decision in the organisation. That is just to name a few.
It is not just about a new political party to be born as announced by Dr Mahathir’s son lately and Muhyiddin Yassin as their President, it is their ultimate goal to collaborate with the existing opposition pact for a new brand coalition that was once failed.
Previously, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) comprises of PAS, DAP and PKR have failed to register as the official opposition single pact to face Barisan Nasional in the General Election 13 that resulted each went solo in every seat. The Registrar of Societies (ROS) has outlined that at least 7 combination political parties for them to be eligible as an official coalition.
Realising that either Pakatan Rakyat or their new coalition Pakatan Harapan shall never succeed to take over Putrajaya and will remain as a shadow partner, today as though Dr Mahathir has given them a new breath to make the opposition coalition as one, almost a reality. The next headache for them now is who will actually lead and in control when whoever leads will be their Prime Minister.

The Pakatan Harapan or dissolved Pakatan Rakyat members only recognises Anwar Ibrahim as their leader and to them, he is the most eligible candidate to fit in the Prime Minister’s seat. That also remains to most of their supporters and leaders. Unfortunately, he has to serve his 5 years behind bars for his second sodomy charge involving his coffee boy and also his favorite personal assistant.

Everyone and especially the opposition leaders and supporters knew that Dr Mahathir would in any way ever welcome Anwar and what more to nominate him as the new pact President. He once again has caused wrath among Anwar’s family and supporters during an interview with Australian media that Anwar has moral issues that will not fit to lead the country. For that, Muhyiddin is sent to be the mediator between Wan Azizah and Dr Mahathir to cool off the continous tense.

The new opposition coalition will be an akin to Barisan Nasional (BN). In BN, UMNO leads since they have the most parliamentary seats and no qualms among the allies about it. It is thus a consensus. Whereas in the the last general election, DAP has the most and PAS has the least. PKR stands second but the head of opposition still goes to them.

When Wan Azizah failed to get hold of Selangor Menteri Besar seat, she was given the chance to replace her husband to lead the opposition pact. As time goes by, we observed that she only filled in the seat but DAP will have every final say when the coalition is concerned. DAP was first to announce that Pakatan Rakyat is dissolved whereas Wan Azizah came in later to make it official.

DAP announced the new born party for PAN and Wan Azizah is only invited during the launching. DAP too announced a snap poll for Penang when Wan Azizah still unconvinced about it. Therefore among the oppostion allies, it is always and will be DAP who leads since they have the most seats.

What will be Dr Mahathir’s new pact then? Declaring that Muhyiddin will be appointed as the President for his new political party thus perhaps Dr Mahathir would wish Muhyiddin to lead the new opposition pact, will it be a consensus from DAP and PKR to have another UMNO DNA?

Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are recent splinters from UMNO and make no mistake about it that they are still what the javanese says … ‘TOTOK’ which if translated to english meaning, PURE. Infacat, they have made themselves clear that they are not interested to be part of the opposition party members.

Should the new coalition materialised, therefore DAP in particular will once again has to kow tow to another UMNO DNA. It will not be their choice but it is Dr Mahathir’s since he takes the lead. DAP and PKR will have to agree to his way or there will be no way to oust Barisan Nasional in the next general election. From a loose pact to another even more brittle coalition, it seems DAP and PKR should need more luck than sense when now they are driving into Death Valley without water and yet they are adding passengers.

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