Tuesday, August 02, 2016


The drama of Muhyiddin supporting PKR and PKR accepting him did not last long enough for them to enjoy this excitement when Guan Eng opened his mouth to give a stern message that can be interpreted as a warning if Muhyiddin wishes to be Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) new boss, it will only be in his dream.

This loose binding pact between Muhyiddin and PKR was publicly announce over the weekends and to gain PKR’s trust, Muhyiddin shamelessly agreed to be with them in their ‘Release Anwar’ campaign. This also means that Muhyiddin agreed that Anwar was put behind bars for political plot thus a persecution and not his personal sodomy court conviction when during his tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister, he will make every effort to against Anwar.

Muhyiddin was named as the most suitable candidate to be PH’s Prime Minister by Zaid Ibrahim who recognises him to replace Anwar as the person who could unite all opposition parties after PAS was kicked out and after Mahathir failed to bring them together with his Save Malaysia pact.

Dr Mahathir’s failure to convince Hadi Awang and Wan Azizah to join his anti-Najib campaign is a big blow when we witness PM Najib increased his support within UMNO leaders and grassroots. The Sarawak states election which produced a handsome result for BN victory added with the two parliamentary by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar are all the actual rakyat’s referendum for him and BN.

Perhaps DAP could smell something fishy about Muhyiddin and his loose bond with the opposition allies. It is not about his support towards their common objectives to go against PM Najib and the ruling party Barisan Nasional but Muhyiddin’s intention to lead the opposition pact. Even if Guan Eng has been lying too many times about his ruling state Penang, rest assure that he is talking sense about Muhyiddin’s daydream.

Should Malaysians are skeptical towards PKR leaders moral, they have every reason to believe them when the perverts are collected and united in this party. The obvious is the party defacto leader Anwar who was once exposed in a video having his intimate action with a China doll and Azmin’s toilet scene with a hooker. Previously, their Eli Wong was photographed in a very sensual position. Today, PKR is celebrating to receive another pervert old man who is yet to be mentioned in a Chinese couple divorce court case.

Let alone the perverts grouping.

With Mukhriz latest statement on his father’s political party to be, DAP will have to be more cautious when it is reported that the new party has no intention to join Pakatan Harapan in their pulling up for the next general election. Probably to DAP, no other pact should lead the oppositions except Pakatan Harapan which comprises of DAP, PKR and PAN and not even PAS.

On the other hand, Dr Mahathir could rely no more with them when the opposition leader Wan Azizah is against him and that is the very reason why Muhyiddin is sent to face her. Too bad for Dr Mahathir, DAP has opened their big mouth even before his new party is launched and PKR could only afford to be excited only over the weekends but now anti-climaxed by their own ally.

For someone who used to play around the bush, Guan Eng probably learnt his lessons well. He has his basis not to compromise on uncertainties from PKR and Muhyiddin pact. If he is telling both PKR and Muhyiddin that good friends can never rely on ambiguity and therefore he is demanding Muhyiddin to proof his true commitments to be part of Pakatan Harapan allies and DAP shall not buy lip services.

Is this not obvious that these opposition allies are bunch of untrustworthy and opportunistic leaders? Perhaps it is a blessing to Malaysians that they are flocked together but Muhyiddin should also understand that he can’t soar with the eagles if he still hangs out with turkey. Sooner or later this pact will fail and they will fail terribly.

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