Saturday, August 13, 2016


Eventually, Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin registered their new party to be called ‘Bersatu’ to join the opposition political arena and earlier have agreed to work alongside with the pact of Pakatan Harapan. Sounds promising but still intriguing to expect what will happen next.

Too early to get excited over the UMNO splinter new party, what the supporters may not realized is whether they will go solo similar to PAS or will they add to the Pakatan Harapan allies. This will be their actual challenge and not what they have outlined in their ultimate objectives to oust Prime Minister Najib Razak from his office.

Just after it was announced, Dr Mahathir and his pro temp committee who wishes that the new party to be known as ‘Bersatu’ by stating that its membership is exclusive only for the Malays, they have received heated criticism even from their bedfellows DAP and PKR. To them, the new party is just another racist political party that other than Malays, they will be treated as second class members who will have no function but to be abused.

DAPSY or the chinese dorminant party DAP youth wing has made it clear to abstain from Dr Mahathir’s new party as they regarded it as no different from UMNO. To them the new party obviously would practice racial discrimination that will not save Malaysia but instead it will continue to propagate racism in this country.

Really DAP? Since birth, every walks of this nation knew that DAP is a Chinese party eventhough one or two from Indians and Malays are slipped into their executive committee. We can witness that in every DAP assembly, it will be conducted in Mandarin and is this not racial discrimination too? DAP too ignored our national language and that is Bahasa Melayu and it is amusing to note that if DAP is fair to other races.

As for PKR, they are more concerned if Mahathir’s party could truly champion in their reform agenda to meet the needs of all races. A cynical reminder from PKR that if Mahathir’s party would wish to survive longer, it has to be based on high fighting spirit for all races who wants change of the whole country system and they should not ultimately for the sake of ousting one person only. Again, really?

Who is Anwar Ibrahim to PKR then? Is he not that one person that is all about PKR? Is Anwar Ibrahim no more the ultimate objective in their high fighting spirit? No doubt that PKR represented by multi-racial members but the husband, the wife and the daughter are the decision makers and again other races are just merely to  fulfill the empty spaces.

DAP and PKR are the main forces in the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan (PH) while PAN is still too young. PAN has no choice but to bow to their fund provider, DAP. With all sorts of comments and critics from DAP and PKR on Mahathir’s new party, they are just excuses to nip him in the bud before another UMNO DNA joins the ship.

To replace the present government, the opposition pact comprises of DAP, PKR and PAN understood that they should face Barisan Nasional (BN) allies too and not just UMNO. Dr Mahathir and his anti-Najib team also knew it too well that without an official coalition, in no way that BN could be replaced.

Before the Pakatan Harapan allies could even agree to sit together to discuss about it, the three’s company has already regarded the fourth and perhaps the fifth as a crowd and perhaps not even welcomed. Before anyone could realise the reality of the game, DAP and PKR still reserved some soft spots for PAS since they have been working with the devils that they already knew while Mahathir’s new party is considered as a curious bedfellow to be dealt with.

Eventually, with Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin histories, their new party will be treated as odd partners and their fate will end up similar to PAS to run as a single handed party in the next general election that the recent Sarawak state election contesting with each other is bound to be repeated again.

The three is a  company and the fourth is still compromised but the fifth is definitely an odd crowd.


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