Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Usually, people will be cautious with the advent of 1st April as some are trying to impose their family and peers with a variety of prank that now DAP’s propaganda group, the Red Bean Army (RBA) tried with their fake news with MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN) as their April Fool’s distraction.

News that is quoted as though that MCA has eventually left BN’s coalition to have has spread since yesterday coincided with April Fool’s day throughout Whatsapp and also on Facebook while linked to the pro-opposition news portal FMT but when the shared link is clicked, you are left with ‘404 error’ and a message that the page you are looking for does not exist.

It is even more apparent that it is a fake news propagated by none other than DAP and their propaganda troops RBA when the writer called himself as Neo Tar Pean which is obviously an anon. Tar Pean is a Chinese word for Big Toilet or poop or faeces whereas ‘Neo’ could be ‘New’.

In their lengthy article dated 31 March 2017, they wrote that MCA President Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai has resigned from his post as Minister of Transport instantly and hence the Central Committee instructed other leaders in the government ministerial to relinquish their positions and failing to do so, MCA considers them as cast out members.

Without even reading further, we know that this is a false alarm which is outlined not only to mess up cooperations among component parties in BN but also, an opportunity for the netizens to denounce MCA.
Instantly when Malaysians produced a twitter message from Railway Minister of India, under the Narendra Modi government Mr Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu welcoming Dato Liow in a meeting held in his office in India for a mutual cooperation with our government, FMT removed the article and this proven that the DAP RBA’s Neo Tar Pean is truly full of nonsense.

DAP RBA’s Neo Tar Pean is evidently trying to incite doubts and odds to UMNO and MCA by questioning ministerial position allocations that MCA has always been regarded as an equal partner to a minion.

The only political party existed since independence avid disputing Malay rights is the chauvinist DAP and in this article, they once again argued the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. Their next favourite topic to condemn MCA is on Chinese education in which DAP should be very ashamed of themselves to question MCA’s continuous resolute efforts to fight for SJKCs.

MCA ought to be proud of their efforts that they are able to establish UTAR but if we look at the DAP, not only do they fail to establish even a single school but not a single sen is contributed to these Chinese independent schools. MCA once disclosed that all their ‘tin milo’ collections are merely meant for their party centres.

Previously DAP often challenged MCA  to leave BN if Umno and PAS jointly present RUU355 in Parliament but this article seems to miss the fact that BN has agreed to allow PAS to lead the motion upon consensus from all component parties including UMNO and not just MCA.

It is DAP who is now fleeing away from their challenge to MCA, but since RUU355 will be solely Hadi Awang’s private motion, DAP should do their part to distract it and not continue to deceive the Chinese as they had lied to them in the hudud issue.

Since the article is a severe defamation, SKMM should take serious action to those who disseminate it and when FMT has removed this article from their portals, it is clear that it is an inverse propaganda by DAP through their RBA troopers.

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