Wednesday, April 12, 2017


If anyone who wishes to concede themselves as patriotic to his country, they should first initiate with the spirit of Rukun Negara but are Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir worth the self-proclaimed as patriotic when they patently defy this national declaration and in particular the principle of ‘Loyalty to King and Country?

When the two went abroad and toured all over the country to discredit his own nation with their varieties of vilifying statements and false pretence, are these what Kit Siang claimed as saving Malaysia and his patriotic stance?

These are the two leading the oppositions who have been leveraging on Sarawak Report and WSJ stories with anonymity resources and stolen doctored documents to malign our leaders and PM Najib’s administration. During his reign, Dr Mahathir denounced WSJ and foreign media reports but after being in the opposition bloc, he does what Kit Siang did to promote foreign media reports as his main reference.

Is this how Kit Siang considers he and Dr Mahathir as patriotic?

Lim Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir are archenemies for more than 3 decades but are driven to jointly oust PM Najib Razak who is democratically elected. Notwithstanding the strategies that they have done previously either merged and then split and recombine into a different group with new names, the reality is the majority rakyat have decided that they should remain on the opposition seat since the past 13 general elections.

Failing to conquer Putrajaya even during their claimed greatest victory in GE12 and GE13, the oppositions are in fact have a lot to explain to their voters.

As for Dr Mahathir, he too has colourful rainbows in his political history that he was successful only with the support of UMNO, the leading party in Barisan Nasional. Devastated to purge UMNO from PM Najib Razak, Dr Mahathir left with no choice but to befriend his archenemy Lim Kit Siang and DAP who is well known to be his most fierce critics during his 22 years helm as the Prime Minister.

Today Dr Mahathir has to do what Kit Siang did for the past 50 years, that is to demonise the ruling party leaders. But to assassinate their opponents character seems to be not too workable when Malaysians tend to compare Dr Mahathir’s iron fist style which includes Kit Siang’s dictatorship in his own party and even among his ‘Pakatan’ allies.

Therefore, the country’s economy needed to be sabotaged. With all the wild accusations that Malaysia is leading to a failed state, our bank performances are deteriorating, EPF and Tabung Haji is close to being penniless, are these patriotic and a show of loyalty to the country and King?

When these two senior politicians have deliberately refused to understand and carry out the principles of Rukun Negara, they actually are the elements that are harmful to the security, safety and welfare of all Malaysians.

Instead of supporting the country, this duo seniors are now tarnishing the nation image with their relentless lies. Thus for Kit Siang to self-proclaim that he and Dr Mahathir as patriotic are contrary to their own actions. The most accurate title for them is, they are the national traitors.

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