Friday, March 31, 2017


During which when Malaysia image is said to be severely tainted with 1MDB issues coupled with accusations from the oppositions that the banks’ positions are inconstant, the EPF financial is increasingly shaky and Tabung Haji is almost penniless, hence Dr Mahathir and his opposition allies called Malaysia is at length a failed state. All accusations by Dr Mahathir and his opposition allies are now kaput and wiped out when Malaysia is singled out as the best destination in the world to invest. We are even more gratified when Malaysia managed to be better than Singapore.

A recent report from a global brand strategy firm, BAV Consulting and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania mentioned that Malaysia as the best nominee for their 2017 foreign direct investment (FDI) after achieving at least 30 points compared to other countries in the scale of 100 points.

The ranking is based on a score from policy-makers from more than 6,000 businesses involving eight important characteristics of combating corruption, dynamism, economic stability, entrepreneurship, friendly tax environment, innovation, skilled workers and technology experts.

A total of 21,000 survey participants from 80 countries worldwide participated in the survey which saw Southeast Asia dominated the ranking when the three other countries, namely Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are also at the top of the list from 10 best countries for investment this year.

Other than that, the report disclosed that; “Malaysia is the clear front-runner in this ranking, scoring at least 30 points more than any other country on a 100-point scale. The country is one of the top recipients of foreign direct investment, and its pro-business government offers a wide range of incentives to investors.”

Apart from Y&R’s BAV and Wharton recognition for Malaysia, along came another international report from CLSA‘s highly regarded equity strategist Christopher Wood believes that PM Najib Razak is now in the best position to win the general election as Malaysia economy is moving fast forward.

The report issued by the BAV Consulting and viewpoints from CLSA’s Christopher Wood has very strong basis when PM Najib has managed to bring in investments of hundreds of billion from his visits to the Republic of China plus the recent visit of HRH King Salman of Saudi Arabia, which has inked the investment agreement worth USD 7 billion for the refinery and petrochemical integrated development project (RAPID) in Pengerang, Johor.

Well done and thank you PM Najib and his ministers who have relentlessly toiled to gain the confidence of international investors. To Dr Mahathir and his opposition allies, please learn to accept the reality that all your accusations and incitements have crumbled that you should be ashamed to the rakyat for deceiving them. Obviously, all your ill-intended plots to sabotage the country’s economy has failed.

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