Saturday, March 18, 2017


Malaysia’s opposition’s political strategies are merely pivoted to wild accusations and slandering the government whereas the ruling party Barisan Nasional’s overall policies will definitely put rakyat’s interests first. That is the most significant difference between the oppositions and Barisan Nasional.

These dissimilarities can be witnessed in the oppositions’ dramas during their ceramahs that whatever expressed by them are mere accusations in which proven they have always failed to produce a better policy, what more to challenge BN’s.

For a democracy country such as Malaysia who is pursuing to move towards a fully developed nation, in fact we should be having sets of opposition leaders in the correct setting. We ought to have dissidents with agendas who are able to matchup with BN’s policies.

Regrettably, their antics even in parliamentary debates turned out that they are more keen to go on personal attacks with the ministers rather than producing more brilliant and constructive suggestions.

In BN, we talked about government policies that touch on the education, employment, health, investment, foreign relations and this is what distinguishes between the government and opposition parties that if they stood on the rakyat stage, they will horribly fail to furnish their own alternative policies.

The best that these opposition leaders are able to tell the audience are insults, defamatory, accusations as if they are now infected with such diseases.

And therefore, it is necessary for the rakyat to evaluate how these forms of sabotages could immensely affect the nation and in particular the economic sector.

The government is very concerned when there are attempts to sabotage the country’s economy and sovereignty, which can be quite harmful. They claimed that our banks are not stable, the Employees Provident Funds (EPF) is running out of money and the Tabung Haji is broke, all these allegations are gravely serious and not something that can be regarded as a political amusement.

These politicians deliberately ignored the consequences and as it happens, it could terrify foreign investors that eventually affect the country’s economy.

If we can still recall during the GE13, there are those who deliberately disseminate false news on the social media whereby there will be purportedly Bangladeshi turnouts so as to thwart the polling process. Quarters who make such claims were proven to have no hard evidence but deliberately taking advantage.

This is considered as a threat to our political stability.

In the current conditions, it is imperative for the government to take stern actions and not compromising against these saboteurs among individuals and in particular the political leaders among oppositions. The need to foil such malice schemes is paramount and must be restrained at once.

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