Thursday, March 02, 2017


For the opposition, when the present government policies are based on priority to the interests of the people, it becomes a terrible mistake and to the extent, it is a grave sin done by PM Najib’s administration. It seems that they have conveniently opposed their own slogan during their Pakatan Rakyat era that to serve the people was supposed to be their ultimate.

Without doubt, when Pakatan Rakyat is dissolved, their most lauded slogan – ‘For the People’ meant to champion the people’s interests are buried too and this clearly tells us that the oppositions are only interested in electoral votes rather than to serve us.

When PM Najib’s administration imposed the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and subsidies rationalisation, the oppositions wasted no time to deceive us as though it would burden the rakyat. But what the oppositions hid from us is that this policy received an eye opener to Saudi Arabia and India when they wish to emulate our policy. India will implement GST in April next year with the highest rate of 23 percent and Saudi Arabia for the first time will also implement GST.

GST is hence not politically popular but a necessity when the world economy is affected by global oil price uncertainties. Malaysia was once dependent on oil revenue and as we all know, that this commodity production will not sustain forever and they are declining over the years. Therefore, the present government ought to impose GST as was done much earlier by many parts of the world including Singapore who is without natural resources.

Even if the present government has to decide on a politically unpopular decision but it is hence the correct step. Just ask ourselves, if GST is bad for the nation, why would Saudi Arabia and India emulate our policy? In fact, since first introduced on April 1st 2016, an additional revenue of RM41 billion is collected with the rate of six per cent only. In reality, GST is never a mistake but the right policy by the present government.

PM Najib too was told numerous times that the GST will lead BN to lose in elections but even when the oppositions were campaigning against GST during Sarawak states election, BN received landslide victory and the same during went to the twin Parliamentary by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. What do these mean?

It is only the leading party BN under PM Najib’s leadership that truly championing the rakyat interests and the slogan – ‘The People First’ carried by BN in their previous manifesto are now proven rather than just mere political lip services. Unlike the oppositions who are fond of offering popularity but in reality, they have nothing to offer.

Source : PRU14

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