Thursday, March 02, 2017


Even though Dr Mahathir has presented himself to be despised and reviled during PKR’s REFORMIS MALAYSIA 2017 convention recently, but deep in his heart and thoughts, to destroy Anwar’s politics remains intact. These reformist activists should know very well that Dr Mahathir is very allergy with the word ‘REFORMASI’ that was introduced by Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr Mahathir has never and shall never forget Anwar’s speech in UMNO Johor convention in 1998 where Anwar called members to reform before it is too late as was the case in Indonesia when Suharto was ousted through street demonstrations. Anwar too has urged reforms to the country’s financial system and considered the establishment of “Danaharta” by Dr Mahathir was just an act to legalise “bailouts” of his son Mirzan’s ailing shipping company during the country third financial crisis.

For that, Azmin too is wrong and seems quite hilarious to believe when he recently claimed that Anwar never plotted to bring down Dr Mahathir and no instruction was given from Anwar to do so. However, this is in total contradiction with Wan Azizah and Hishamudin Rais when they claimed that the ‘reformasi’ move has successfully driven into Dr Mahathir’s resignation.

The convention was held to commemorate the 1998 ‘reformsi’ movement and their jailed mentor Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar is sentenced for a 5 years jail to Sungai Buloh for his second sodomy conviction. Prior to that, Anwar once toured the whole country to claim that Dr Mahathir had fired, jailed and bruised his eyes when his position was threatened. Has Azmin deliberately forgotten about these claims too?

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