Friday, March 03, 2017


First of all, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud presence to Malaysia are never anticipated by PM Najib’s dissidents that they continued to be speechless over his strategy to bring the 2.6 billion donor to our homeland to prove that it is a genuine contribution and not like what the oppositions have accused over the years.

Simultaneously, PM Najib too has proven that his approach to reconciling with all world leaders shall be beneficial to our nation. Earlier, Najib was invited by the President of the Republic of China and ultimately we inked into bilateral investments worth hundreds of billions. The Republic of China trade is second largest economy power in the world.

Now, the largest crude oil producer in the world have set foot and chooses Malaysia as their first country in a series of visits to Islamic countries in this region. Once again, PM Najib has managed to attract investments of practically RM30 billion and it for Petronas Refinery in Pengerang.

As usual, the oppositions and in particularly Dr Mahathir will definitely look for blunders and hence belittle Saudi Arabia’s entourage visit.

Without much further delay and as anticipated, Dr Mahathir’s caustic tongue sarcastically denied the propinquity between PM Najib Razak and HRH King Salman but it is as though that some returns are awaiting to be obliging granted as he had accused the same with President of the Republic of China who would wipe out our sovereignty. And now, his boys are telling tales that Saudi Arabia has fully acquiring Petronas.

Further to that, they also claimed that Saudi Aramco is desperate in need of Malaysian money for their IPO, which is expected to be listed next year. Their ill-intention is to portray as though Saudi Aramco is penniless.

Dr Mahathir and his boys have conveniently forgotten that Malaysians are IT savvy and we are not easily fooled. It will not be that difficult to search for Saudi Aramco’s IPO intentions and a hot topic among the business world since last year. It is said that Saudi Aramco IPO would be massive and will put them as the world largest listing above Ali Baba. In fact, world financial experts anticipated that once Saudi Aramco is listed, they could easily buy over other giant corporations such as Apple, Google and even Facebook.

Saudi Aramco is said to be worth between USD2 to USD3 trillion even before listed and they only need 5% from only one foreign investor that among potential identified partner is from Asia region. The 5% of the foreign investor is expected to be worth USD100 billion. If that is what is expected for their potential partner, China should be the only giant country to be considered and not Malaysia.

We need to remember that PM Najib too have close ties with the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of China and should Saudi Aramco is eyeing for the state as they are the second world giant in economy, then this will definitely be an advantage to Saudi Aramco. Tell us if Dr Mahathir is ignorant about it or perhaps his remarks are based on mere jealousy on PM Najib’s success?

The moment Saudi Aramco was touted to be public listed, several countries have been vying to lobby their StockExchange to host Aramco’s IPO and among them are New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto and Singapore as well. Should Saudi Aramco is broke, why would these exchanges have shown interests in them?

Dr Mahathir has also claimed that during his 22 years as Prime Minister, Saudi Arabia has never once granted even the slightest assistance and trade discussions with China are always a failure. Therefore, with his failures in the past, should PM Najib continuously tag them along?

When PM Najib chose to always strengthen diplomatic relationships with leaders of giant countries and proven succeeded in getting their confidence, hence this is just not a blessing to Malaysians but rather another big blow for Dr Mahathir and his affiliates that PM Najib is capable of eliminating condemnation.


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