Saturday, October 01, 2016


In September alone we are witnessing Dr Mahathir’s ceaseless failures in his attempts to tear down UMNO and its Presidential Institution besides his malice efforts to undermine PM Najib’s leadership credibility. It is like watching another sequel of the famous ‘Scary Movie’ but this time it is the Dr Mahathir’s version and we have to admit that some of his plots are beyond our expectations such as when he starts courting his archenemies like Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim.

‘Scary Movie’ series is a spoof of several American horror movies meant from spine chilling plots and turned them as jokes. But in Dr Mahathir’s version, there are 5 top bloopers clumsily done that ended up to uncover all accusations and allegations by him are just a puppet of lies that was maliciously created and later exaggerated.

It is more interesting when the top 5 bloopers are premiered to us within a short period of time, within just a month.

You name it... stern message from Sultan of Johor and a let down by our King, that is just to name a few. Read further ... HERE

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