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Many are torn between to either support or reject Dr Mahathir when he first declared war against Prime Minister Najib Razak. That was two years ago and as time passes by, many realised that his true intentions are only meant to meet his personal greed that he will stop at nothing to go against PM Najib and the ruling party BN/UMNO.

Perception is Dr Mahathir’s key tool that the rakyat need to believe PM Najib and the ruling party BN/UMNO is heading to its downfall without him any longer with the party. Therefore, not only the members and leaders of BN / UMNO should feel indebted but all Malaysians should be grateful to him alone. In his recent MalaysiaKini interview, it was written that he quipped over his retirement and the message is many felt that he should have not left the premier office that soon. The tone of regret seems obvious.

Dr Mahathir finally left his office after 22 years in power in 2003. In reality, his political history is not as smooth as what he used to claim that not once had anyone ever demanded his resignation. This resonates to his infamous quote … “Melayu Mudah Lupa”, this time it is him and he conveniently forgets the past.

Should Dr Mahathir needed to be reminded, he received his first blow to demand his resignation is as early as 1988 when he was challenged by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) in UMNO election. It all began when Dr Mahathir almost lost to Ku Li and his flimsy victory was doubted that dragged UMNO to be revoked by the High Court.

From that very moment, it is the beginning of split among Malay support for UMNO when Ku Li’s supporters were treated unjustly that some of them were stripped off from their ministerial posts and Ku Li’s position as the Finance Minister was Dr Mahathir’s prime target. Subsequent to UMNO Baru, Dr Mahathir had put a stop to all Ku Li’s supporters that eventually a new party “Semangat 46” was established to join force with the opposition pact comprises of Berjaya, PBS, PRM and Hamim.

In their preparation to face GE8 in 1990, they managed to capture Kelantan and Sabah where it is also the beginning of the opposition strength and it was Dr Mahathir who is responsibe to unite them.

UMNO once again faced with a major split when Dr Mahathir expelled his third Deputy Anwar Ibrahim. Most political analyst agreed that it is even more severe compared to the days of Ku Li’s power struggle. Has Dr Mahathir conveniently forgotten the massive protest he received during the birth of Anwar’s Gerakan Reformasi?

It all began when Anwar was said to be very influential and more popular than Dr Mahathir that there were talks among UMNO members, Anwar was eyeing the President’s position and this means that Dr Mahathir will be challenged in the upcoming party election. Dr Mahathir’s first move was to demonise Anwar with moral issues that he had received letters from anonymous writer (also known as ‘surat layang’) alleging the latter’s scandals with a married woman and sodomy activities with his driver. Dr Mahathir later dismissed such allegations but intentionally let such perception ran wild among UMNO members and the rakyat too.

Subsequent to that, it was apparent how Dr Mahathir, the then Prime Minister and Anwar who was also the Finance Minister, had their differences to handle the 1997 economy crisis. Dr Mahathir and Daim with their National Economic Action Council (MTEN), was meant to stem Anwar’s popularity who had begun publicly to question the premier’s credibility and serious allegations on corruptions as well as cronysm practices.

To keep Anwar from advancing, Dr Mahathir chose to expel him from all party and ministerial positions and the existance of Gerakan Reformasi was meant to lead the move to demand Dr Mahahtir’s resignation. These Gerakan Reformasi protesters are those who introduced the labels ‘MahaFiraun’ and ‘MahaZalim’ directed for Dr Mahathir.

During those trying times for Dr Mahathir, who were those who had given their unconditional support to him if not the UMNO members? It is thus, with a united and strong team work from UMNO leaders and members that Dr Mahathir was able to remain as prime minister for 22 years and Malaysians continue to support Barisan Nasional as the ruling party.

Dr Mahathir might not be able to survive if his commanders were severly wounded and his armies were crippled. In case if Dr Mahathir needed to be reminded, one of his loyal and courageous commander is non other than PM Najib Razak who was then leading the party’s youth wing during the first UMNO’s aftermath.

But when Dr Mahathir is so full of himself, he is now blinded with selfish politics and to go against UMNO and its members has certainly crossed the line. Therefore, the best reminder for him is to pay full attention to history that never lies when there are still living witnesses and evidences who are …  the “Melayu belum lupa”!

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