Monday, October 31, 2016


Malaysians are entertained by the antics of 3 veteran lawmakers who is experiencing chronic absent-mindedness when two, as soon as they left the ruling party and one relinquished his position out of disappointment. A lot of people experience memory lapses but these 3’s memory problems are not a normal part of ageing but serious enough to lead them to Alzheimer’s disease.

Oddly, these 3 politicians who have serious changes in their memory, behaviour and personalities resembling the three blind mice have recently performed a theatrical act in the parliament with inconsistency between during in power and now with their loss of office.

These 3 blind mice seem to have planned to parrot the 1MDB issue in their respective debates while during their office in the government, they are well briefed. In fact, one of the blind mice had chaired a cabinet meeting discussing 1MDB.

To prove that Muhyiddin is lying when he claimed that he was very critical against the 1MDB mismanagement when he was the deputy prime minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa who is also UMNO Information chief has made it clear that Muhyiddin was as silent as the grave, so be it during UMNO Supreme Council meetings or other official or unofficial meetings.

Muhyiddin was even too coward to face the truth when he dismissed  Annuar Musa’s interjection to respond to all his wild allegations. Is this not obvious that Muhyiddin has every ill-intentions and worst still when he is behaving like a frightened dog running away with its tail between its legs when the bigger dog is just starting to growl.

The most idiotic act came from none other than the former Finance Minister 2 who questioned the purpose of 1MDB existence while he himself had answered in advance which was broadcasted openly in a live television programme. Alas, the ex minister’s foolish act was substantiated by the people and viral the QnA video clip particularly showing him in person answering his own questions.

For all we know, we thought that Husni was bitter with PM Najib Razak for transferring him to another ministry that he regarded it as a demotion. But when FreeMalaysiaToday disclosed a text message forwarded to a cabinet minister, Malaysians can conclude that it was mere dissatisfaction and thus lead to resentfulness and bear malice towards our Prime Minister.

Rumours have been circulating around for the past few decades that this Sabahan ex-minister was eyeing the Chief Minister’s post that he too was sore with Prime Minister Najib Razak for not granting it. His recent claim in his budget debate that 1MDB had sold 60% of its shares to China was well rebutted by Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, a Sabahan politician too.

Not only Shafie Afdal made wild accusations, his simple arithmetical understanding is out of proportion. When 1MDB holds 40% stake and the balance is divided into two with Iskandar Waterfront Holdings (IWH – Malaysia own entity) who owns 60%, whereas China Railway (China-based company) has only 40%,  therefore it is 40% divided by the balance of 60% and not the total 100%.

In other words, the Malaysian Government or the Rakyat still holds a total of 76% (1MDB: 40% plus IWH: 36%), whereas China Railway has only 24%. Unless Shafie was given the correct information or perhaps he did, but chooses to deceive the parliament, and knowing that he is enjoying his immunity, he had deliberately brushed off a simple calculation and prefers to lie.

Sometimes elders have emotional problems that can be mistaken for dementia that could lead to feeling confused or forgetful but in the case of the three politicians who suffer from a severe emotional disorder, not only that they need to be aware but they have every tendency to deceive us over self-consciously mortification and personal grudges.

We are blessed to have ministers who are competent and brave enough to face off at any wild accusations at any instances and from anyone too. To the three blind mice, you can try to fool yourselves but you certainly make Malaysians wonder if you have been sleeping on your duty all the while?

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