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The minute the fuel price hike striked, what instantly crossed my mind was what will the UMNO in particular and BN leaders have to say about this. I have a very simple mind about this, nothing more but due to these clans of people who loves to talk and always despise others.

As at todate, besides the BN economic ministers – Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop; Economic Planning Unit Minister Datuk Amirsham Aziz, Minister of International Trade and Industry Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad, none so far has spoken up on the recent fuel price hike.

Lets see what these leaders have to say:

Pak Lah – “
God willing I hope Malaysians will not demonstrate over this..” Hope and lets blame God!!!

Najib – “
Change your life-style ..” - Its our lifestyle and never his…

Hishamuddin – None?

Khairy – The Oxford graduate also none?

Rafidah – Supposed to be wise in this issue, also none?

Noraini – Waiting or none? – Worse case scenario!!!

Eventually, Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said something sensible, “….being a net oil exporter, Malaysia should not have overly reacted to the artificially inflated global fuel price,…”

“We cannot compare with Singapore, as their per capita income is three times higher than ours,” he said, adding that the people were not prepared for the additional burden." “If Pak Lah is not up to it, please make way for someone who is willing to do it (impose measures that would ease the public burden)”

Abdullah had not taken into consideration the feelings of the rakyat when he made such a drastic decision, which had a spiralling effect on consumer goods and food.

Mukhriz also criticised an article that highlighted Singaporeans expressing relief that the Malaysian government would not imposed a ban on sales of fuel to foreign-registered vehicles at petrol stations located within 50km from the border.

“Saya juga terkilan dengan kenyataan YAB Perdana Menteri sebelum ini menggesa rakyat untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan cara hidup berbeza sebagai reaksi kepada kenaikan harga minyak dan kos sara hidup yang meningkat. Rata rata, rakyat dipendalaman, termasuk kawasan Jerlun yang saya wakili, menyara hidup secara ‘kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang’. Sejauh mana lagi mereka perlu menyesuaikan diri, setelah meningkatnya kos sara hidup pada tahap terlalu membebankan kepada golongan ini.”

As reported by the NEW SABAH TIMES Online;
Wondering aloud as to whether the overall consequences of the fuel subsidy cuts had been carefully considered, SAPP president Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee said the immediate reaction to the fuel price hikes among Sabahans was that of despair.

“If a government loses the faith of the people, then it will find it even more difficult to govern,” the former Chief Minister told reporters during a news conference held at SAPP Headquarters in Luyang here yesterday.

He said political parties, elected representatives and civil servants were likely to feel more pressure from the people to “do something” to ease their economic woes.

The wise man said… Tun Mahathir;

This is not wisdom after the event. I had actually told a Government Minister not to float the Ringgit three years ago. But of course I am not an expert, certainly I know little about the international financial regimes.

I believe the people expect the increase of petrol price. But what they are angry about is the quantum and the suddenness. The Prime Minister was hinting at August but suddenly it came two months earlier, just after the ban on sale of petrol to foreigners.

At least the opposition leaders share the pinch;

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also spoke against the measure which he felt was burdening the people. He said with the increase in the fuel prices, electricity tariff would similarly go up and this would aggravate the situation further.

Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang said the annual cash rebate would not be able to fully cushion the low and middle income Malaysians from inflationary spiral.

He said equally of concern would be the deterioration of public safety index with expected worsening of the crime situation.

“The prime minister and all the cabinet ministers owe Malaysians a full and acceptable explanation why they could not fully involve the Malaysian public in the structuring of the fuel pricing system,” Lim added.

DAP Socialist Youth secretary and MP for Rasah Loke Siew Fook said the movement strongly opposed the price hike.

He said although the increase was expected, in some ways the drastic move by the government would definitely cause hardship to ordinary people.

That’s all folks?

We, the rakyat voted you guys and you guys cant even spare a word or two to stand in the face of the rakyat’s adversity? In other words, we the rakyat are governed by bunch of leaders sticking their tongues in their cheeks?

… Alas, now we realized!!!!

Wake up rakyat… You are always alone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Malaysian has been known to be modest and respect the elders and the leaders.. It was during Mahathir's era that the people were suppressed after several ops.. lalang etc.. any grievences against him will be quickly put off.. by using the ISA,Osa etc..
the recent election is a reflection that the 'rakyat' has shown that they are tired..and aab could not get the message..
The culture continues & worsen during aab's tenure........ he can't even control his family.. how could we expect him to manage the nation.......
someone needs to create awareness amongst the general population & it have to start at a very young age.........
we need to change the education system............starting from preschool.. which will take the earliest another generation..