Thursday, June 12, 2008


Dear Malaysians,
If you do not wish to care for others, please care for youselves and your families. Some enjoy being fooled, some are mere ignorant, some just dont bothered and most are total fools .... lets start to IQRA!

This weakness of this conscience is prevailent and now is the time that the People Power needs to be at the strength in their conscience collectively to oppose as a society in unifority. If we dont act, it will only lead to a barren Malaysian society, dont you think so?

Every situation represen a choice? Do we prefer to stay with the set patterns of thoughts and behavior that is the path of limitation and fear although it had grown totally unacceptable and predictable or we move on to give birth to a higher mode of expression?


1. Sun: Justice Ian Chin's disclosures - No need for inquiry - PM
http://www.sun2surf .com/article. cfm?id=23073

Zaid not keen on Commission to follow-up latest allegations
http://www.malaysia my/legal/ general_news/ zaid_not_ keen_on_
commission_to_ follow_up_ latest_allegatio ns.html

Mahathir and the judges. again
http://anilnetto. com/judiciary/ mahathir- and-the-judges- again/

Chin's allegations: Dr M to respond 'in due time' [extract]
http://www.malaysia news/84304


2. AP: M'sia plans constitutional changes to restore independence of courts
http://www.straitst Latest%2BNews/ S-E%2BAsia/ STIStory_ 246704.html

Press Statement: Bar Council's immediate response to the Report in the
Borneo Post dated 10 June 2008
http://www.malaysia my/press_ statements/ press_statement_ bar_
councils_immediate_ response_ to_the_report_ in_the_borneo_ post_dated
_10_june_2008. html

What they say on Justice Ian Chin's explosive allegations
http://www.malaysia my/legal/ general_news/ what_they_ say_on_justice_ ian
_chin_s_explosive_ allegations. html

Param: Shame on 'leapfrog' judges [extract]
http://www.malaysia news/84323

3. BTS: Devising a face-saving exit for Abdullah sg/sub/news/ story/0,4574, 283103,00. html?

Inside Malaysia with politics
http://www.mydd. com/story/ 2008/6/9/ 225857/1204


4. limkitsiang: Revisiting the judicial darkness of the past two decades
http://blog. limkitsiang. com/2008/ 06/10/1264/

Police report lodged against Mahathir
http://www.malaysia news/84329


5. Star: No more petrol price increases this year - PM
http://thestar. story.asp? file=/2008/ 6/11/nation/
20080611194511& sec=nation

No More Fuel Hike for 2008
http://rockybru. blogspot. com/2008/ 06/no-more- fuel-hike- for-2008. html

Abdullah vows to 'ease pain' of fuel rise
http://themalaysian mni/abdullah- vows-to-ease- pain-of-fuel- rise.html

Your say: 'Leaders with the thickest skins on earth' [extracts]
http://www.malaysia news/84281

Nothing to shout about, says Ghapur
http://thestar. story.asp? file=/2008/ 6/11/nation/
21518639&sec= nation


6. AFP: M'sia says US$150 oil could hit budget deficit
http://www.straitst Latest+News/ Money/STIStory_ 246769.html

Economics, not markets, behind oil price rise: BP CEO
http://www.straitst Latest%2BNews/ Money/STIStory_ 246647.html

Civil servants can now take up part-time jobs or businesses
http://thestar. story.asp? file=/2008/ 6/11/nation/
21512207&sec= nation

7. Star: Call to shelve corridor projects
http://thestar. story.asp? file=/2008/ 6/11/nation/
21510889&sec= nation

Lim wants Petronas to enrich Malaysians
http://www.malaysia news/84325

LETTERS: Petronas in the red? Impossible?
http://www.malaysia letters/84311


8. CSM: Facing inflation, Asia gets more aggressive
http://www.csmonito 0611/p06s01- woap.html

Anti-fuel hike roadshows begin on Saturday
http://www.malaysia news/84293


9. benarffm: Maika Holdings' lost windfall - The govt owes an explanation
http://benarffm. wordpress. com/2008/ 06/10/maika- holdings% e2%80%99- lost
-windfall-the- government- owes-an-explanat ion/

That MIC-Maika question is back again
http://www.mmail. News/mm/Tuesday/ Hotnews/
20080610101515/ Article/index_ html

10. Aliran: The business of dialogue - Farish A Noor
http://www.aliran. com/index. php?option= com_content& view=article
&id=625:the- business- of-dialogue& catid=55: 2008&Itemid= 40

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