Thursday, June 26, 2008

JDMBunga Raya ... a SABOTAJ?

Malaysiakita - the best blogsite or blog directory. Most bloggers would post their articles frequently and latest news fare always updated promptly.

Recently, this hyper active blogger >> JDMBunga Raya - Wangsa Daily has occupied most of the 'LATEST FROM BILINGUAL BLOGS' column with their postings. The left pic is an example.

Deep Tots:
1. Since they are active posting their articles in this blogsite, perhaps the moderatore could create a special column for them.

2. Sure this is not a sabotaj to Malaysiakita... perhaps im just being skeptical.

3. This suggestion is due to Malaysiakita usual regular bloggers articles seems to be scraped away by JDMBunga Raya heavy postings and it is irritating. Malaysiakita has been a reliable updated news and articles for cyber readers.

4. What say you guys out there?


SiR KinG TiGeR said...

Saja jalan jalan. Keep on writting !

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

mantra-indeeptots said...

Saja je put my thoughts thru! Welcome to pen a line...