Monday, June 23, 2008


Dear Pak Lah

By the time you read this message, we, Rakyat Malaysia wonder if you had a good rest and if you could still can afford sweet dreams last night. We hope you did not miss your supplement vitamins too or some extra power roots to boost your energy for tomorrow.

We saw you have been working extra hard today too.. Busy briefing your ministers, strategizing, planning and convincing them… oooppss! Whats happening tomorrow????

I read this today;

Taklimat Abdullah

Pagi esok, kira-kira dua jam sebelum sidang Dewan Rakyat bermula, Abdullah dijangka menemui wakil rakyat BN sekali lagi menerusi mesyuarat pramajlis.

What caused all these?

Malaysian coalition party calls for no-confidence vote
KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia (AFP), Wednesday June 18, 3:27 PM

"We have lost confidence in the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad
," he told a press conference.

I see, so you are tightening your seat belt for that and it is all over in the headlines.

I read this too.. sounds real serious!

BN MPs to attend Dewan Rakyat daily to stop SAPP motion
KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs, NST: All 140 Barisan Nasional MPs have been ordered to attend the whole duration of the Dewan Rakyat’s three-week meeting beginning next week as a precaution against the Sabah Progressive Party’s bid to file a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. This was immediately decided at the BN supreme council meeting Abdullah chaired at the Putra World Trade Centre today…

Are you intimidated by all that?

See, this is what you get when you try to play stupid with the rakyat, we are double better at this game.

Lets just see what happens tomorrow. All eyes stucked to our little box or maybe those without the little box can browse through;

TV | WebTV PAS | Parliament News

Last but not least, we wish you and your BN buddies.... BEST OF LUCK!

Truly us,
The Rakyat

23.06.08 (Monday) | 2.19am

P/S: Please dont bother to reply my posting but do keep us update!

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