Friday, June 06, 2008



Don't overfill
Never overfill the fuel tank of your car. If you have done so, don't park in the sun, or on a gradient with the filter facing downhill.

Use correct octane fuel
Using a fuel of a higher octane rating than that recommended for your car doesn't improve its performance. It's simply money going up in smoke.

Switch to radial-ply tyres
Remember that radial-ply tyres offer less rolling resistance and longer life than the cross-ply variety. The choice of radials will increase tyre life and reduce fuel consumption by some 5%.
(Don't mix radial-ply and cross-ply tyres on the same axle and if you are only fitting two radials, they must go on the rear wheels).

Avoid soft tyres
Tyre pressures which are too low not only increase consumption, but also markedly reduce tyre life.

Use multigrade oil
Multi-grade oil in the engine will reduce drag.


Avoid stop-start driving
Learn to read traffic patterns by anticipating traffic light changes so that braking and accelerating are minimised.
It stands to reason that a car moving along steadily will use much less fuel than another constantly stopping and starting.
By slowing down in advance it is sometimes possible to get to a red light as it changes, and to continue with slight acceleration instead of starting from a dead stop.
AA tests have shown consumption can increase dramatically over the first few hundred metres from a standing start.

Drive smoothly
Heavy braking and 'flooring' the accelerator both waste fuel.
Try and use just the first quarter of the accelerator movement and for the best results under normal driving conditions, try to keep the accelerator pressure steady.

Tank on empty?
When your tank's almost empty and you need to stretch every drop to reach a filling station, you can actually halve your consumption by using this effective technique:
-Accelerate slowly, using only the first quarter of the throttle movement, until you reach 70km/h to 80km/h.
-Shift into neutral, leave engine idling to keep brake and power steering operative, and allow road speed to drop to 25km/h.
-Repeat the cycle.

Change up quickly and save
Lower gears use an excessive amount of fuel.
Change up as quickly as circumstance permit. Skip a gear, say first to third, if you can.

Close your windows
Open windows create a drag that increases fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

Use your handbrake on hills
Never ride the clutch to hold your car on an incline. You'll waste fuel and dramatically reduce the life of your clutch. With an automatic transmission, never use the accelerator to hold against an incline. That's what your handbrake is for.

Every motorist can achieve a positive and significant saving in fuel consumption simply by prudent use of the car. The more you drive, the more fuel you use. Especially on short trips.

Cold starts
Fuel consumption can increase by as much as 400% on each cold start, as compared to starting when the engine is warm. So by cutting down on unnecessary short trips you'll be making a substantial saving.

Short trips
Not only do unnecessary short trips waste excessive amounts on each start, but they dramatically increase oil dilution, engine wear and are a major cause of premature exhaust failure.

Pool your resources
Use one car instead of several. Get involved with lift-clubs. The saving is well worth the inconvenience.

As the crow flies
The shorter the trip, the less fuel you use. Experiment with various routes and various departure times to see where you can save.

Be considerate
Parking your car where it interrupts the flow of traffic, failing to move your car after a minor accident, are typical daily occurrences that waste hundreds of litres of fuel.


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Anonymous said...

I was amused with the new subsidy calculation and the mechanism in refunding.....
I believe there is another very simple and easy to implement........
Every car owner must own the MY Card..where in can incorporate almost anything from your touch & go card, atm, driving license and etc...
As such, the particulars of motor vehicle can be incorporated into My Card, each refueling.. the owner must present My Card to be eligible for the subsidised price.. and the amount of subsidy would be inversely related with the car cc.. the higher the cc.. the lower the subsidy... the lower the cc.. the higher the subsidy...
Just something to ponder...
Of course you can't eradicate abuse.. any one caught would be severely penalized.. these would help financial institutions over come those MIA cars & the hirer's would definitely ensure that the transfers are properly done..
If the so called 'government of the day is people friendly' they would definitely invite representative from the various level of the society to get feedback before implementing something that is of this importance.. and not just introduce 'something' that would benefit pos malaysia..
how much fees are they going to collect and what would be the quantum like?? Rm0.50 per car ??? How many registered motor vehicles in Malaysia.. the ratio is 70:30 passenger to commercial.. there are about 15million registered motor vehicle excluding two wheelers... how much will pos Malaysia get???
please can some one out there calculate???